Best Names for White Cats 

If you’ve just adopted a white cat, you’re likely wanting to find the best name to fit their adorable appearance! White cats are super cute. You’ll likely want to pick a name that will help showcase their beautiful coat. Fortunately, we’ve pulled together some of the best names for white cats for you to choose from!   

Some names for white cats have become incredibly popular because of how perfect they are for this type of cat! Here are some of the most popular choices for white cat names! 

  • Biscuits: If you love food names for cats, naming them after your favorite white bread is a great idea! 

  • Blizzard: Blizzards lead to white-out conditions, making this a perfect name choice for a white cat! 

  • Cottontail: This name comes from the white underside of many rabbits’ tails, making it a great choice! 

  • Creampuff: Another food name, this pays tribute to the delicious cream filling inside of a creampuff! 

Names for Female White Cats 

There are many wonderful names available for a female white cat! Although cat names can often be used for either gender, some names work best with female cats! 

  • Glacier: A name that comes from the large icy masses in the arctic gives off a really elegant vibe as a white cat name 

  • Luna: This is a popular name that comes from the Spanish word for “moon” 

  • Angel: This works great with a white cat because angels are often depicted wearing all white 

  • Daisy: A common white flower; this makes an adorable name for a female kitty 

  • Chardonnay: A type of white wine, this is a fun name option for a classy white cat 

  • Aspen: This name comes from the popular skiing destination 

  • Sugar: You can’t go wrong by naming your white cat after a sweet, white ingredient 

  • Cosmo: A less common but still beautiful white flower 

 Names for Male White Cats 

Many male white cats offer a lot of personalities. It’s a great idea to come up with a great name that fits them perfectly!  

  • Alabaster: This has a strong, classic sound to it and is the name for a rock used to make plaster 

  • Tofu: An adorable food-themed name coming from the white protein 

  • Berg: This is either short for “iceberg” or comes from the German word for “mountain,” both of which fit with a handsome white coat 

  • Yeti: A name that comes from an infamous type of snow monster 

  • Bones: A name that works beyond Halloween 

  • Nimbus: a shortened form of the word “cumulonimbus,” which is a type of white, fluffy cloud.  

  • Denver: Another name that comes from a skiing destination but this time, it’s a male option 

  • Salty: If you have a grumpy white cat, this is a fun name that would fit their color and personality 

Names for Fluffy White Cats 

When you adopt a fluffy white cat, it opens up even more options for appearance-specific names! Here are some of our favorite choices to pay tribute to our long-haired feline companions: 

  • Cottonball: This name pays tribute to the fluffiness of one of the most popular beauty accessories! 

  • Snowball: If you love winter, this is a great name option to pay tribute to fresh fallen, fluffy snow! 

  • Marshmallow: These fluffy, sticky treats also make a great name choice for a fluffy white cat! 

  • Snow White: If you like the idea of an elegant name, this is a perfect option for a long-haired, white-furred princess! 

  • Snuggles: if you’re looking for a name that captures the feeling of what you want to do every time you see your fluffy friend, this is a perfect choice! 

Unique Names for White Cats 

If you don’t want to name your cat a name similar to other white cats out there, here are some fewer common names that are perfect for your furry friend! 

  • Saltine: A funny name after a common cracker type 

  • Alaska: Paying tribute to one of the fifty U.S. states 

  • Marble: A cute option for a white cat with other colors throughout 

  • Tic-Tac: If you love breath mints, naming your white cat Tic-Tac is a great way to let everyone know 

  • Q-Tip: A funnier option if you love the idea of naming your white cat after common household items 

  • Pepper: If you like the idea of being ironic, naming your white cat Pepper is bound to catch people’s attention 

Famous White Cat Names 

Maybe you want to pick a name from a movie, television show or other areas of pop culture! If that’s the case, here are some great options to consider! 

  • Duchess: The cat in The Aristocats who has white fur 

  • Marie: Also in The Aristocats, Marie is the white-furred daughter of Duchess 

  • Olaf: The name of the fun snowman companion in Frozen 

  • Snowbell: The family cat in Stuart Little 

  • Edward: Named after the vampire in Twilight 

  • Gandalf: From Lord of the Rings 

How to Choose the Right Name for Your White Cat 

There are so many elements that can go into naming your new addition. Although it can be tempting to use their beautiful white coat as the influence behind their name, there are other things to consider as well. Make sure you’re allowing everyone in your family to have a say in the name choice because you may come up with a surprising option you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!  

 Consider your interests and favorite things when naming your cat too! If you love food names, consider white foods. You can also choose to go the “ironic” route and choose a name the opposite of their white fur color. The options truly are endless when naming your new friend.  

Although there’s no requirement to go with the popular options for your white cat’s name, it may help to know what themes are proving most popular with cat names right now!  

 Some people choose to simply name their white cat the word “white” from other languages, such as Spanish (Blanco) or Italian (Bianca). Another common option right now is naming your cat after your favorite character in a movie or show, such as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Others are opting for human names for their new friends, such as Olivia or Eleanor, for their white cats.  

 These are just some of the most common themes right now. Your best option is to go with something simple for your cat to understand and something that sounds good to you. When in doubt, go with your gut! 


Choosing a name for your cat can be hard. Whatever you do, don’t rush your choice. Make sure you are comfortable with the name you pick and that it feels like it truly suits your cat’s appearance and personality! After all, it will be their name for their whole life, so you want to make sure it fits them perfectly!  We also have a list of Top 70 Best White Cat Names specially created for you! 


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