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Unique Cat Names 

Not everyone wants to use a common or popular name for their new feline friend, and that’s completely okay! If you’re looking for a unique name for your new cat, it’s great to think outside of the box to come up with a good option. Fortunately for you, we’ve pulled together an extensive list of many great name choices that are sure to be unique for you!  

Unique Male Cat Names 

If you’ve recently adopted a male cat, he needs a name as unique as his personality! Here are some great options for your new friend! 

  • Cinder: Pays tribute to cinder blocks 

  • Earl Grey: A popular tea and also makes for a very sophisticated-sounding kitty name 

  • Badger: A fun name option if you have a male tabby, as their markings can be similar to those of a badger 

  • Buckwheat: Another fun name that comes from a field of wheat 

  • Bumblebee: A super cute, unique name for a striped kitty 

  • Cannon: If you have a cat with a booming personality, this is a perfect name for him 

  • Benji: Although a somewhat common dog name, you’re less likely to meet other cats in your neighborhood with this name  

Unique Female Cat Names 

It’s always fun to come up with a beautiful name for your new female cat. Here are some names that are sure to stand out from the crowd: 

  • Clementine: If you’re lucky enough to have an orange female cat, naming her after a cute orange fruit is a perfect option 

  • Maeve: This name comes from Irish Gaelic tradition and was the name of a warrior princess, making it perfect for the strong female cat in your family 

  • Pearl: This name works perfectly for any beautiful white cat in your life 

  • Ruby: A lovely gemstone; this is a great choice for any elegant kitty 

  • Kamilah: The Egyptian word for “perfect” 

  • Beatrice: A cute Latin name that means “one who brings joy” 

  • Gazelle: The name of an animal or a word that means graceful  

Unique Food Names for Cats 

If you want to choose names that aren’t typically names for a cat, the best place to start is in your kitchen! Here are some fun food names that would be great for your furry friend! 

  • Cauliflower: Funny and adorable name for a white cat 

  • Calamari: Elegant food that also makes a beautiful name for your kitty 

  • Chickpea: Super cute name for a beige or tan cat! 

  • Enchilada: If you love Mexican food, you can’t beat this fun name for your cat 

  • Panini: Fun name that comes from a yummy sandwich 

  • Colby Jack: Cute option for anyone who loves cheese combining two “human” names 

  • Flapjack: If you have a cat that likes to flop around when he plays or sleeps, this would be a cute option 

  • Noodle: Perfect name for a long and lean kitty 

  • Tuna: Cats love fish, so it would be adorable to name your kitty after a yummy one 

Funny Cat Names 

If you like puns, consider using a pun or play on words for your cat’s name. A great place to start is to make changes to a celebrity or character’s name to make it connected to your cat in some way. Here’s some inspiration to get you started: 

  • Cleocatra: A play on Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen 

  • The Great Catsby: From the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

  • Kitty Purry: Funny take on the pop singer, Katy Perry 

  • Santa Claws: If you get your cat as a Christmas gift, this is a perfect name option 

  • Picatso: Inspiration from the famous artist, Picasso 

Unique Names for Black Cats 

If you’ve adopted a black cat, here are some fun and unique names to consider that pay tribute to their silky black fur: 

  • Poe: Great option for any literature fan, having a black cat named Poe is the perfect homage to Edgar Allan Poe 

  • Friday: Funny and unique way to pay tribute to the superstitions behind both black cats and Friday the 13th  

  • Onyx: One of the most popular colors of onyx stone is black, so this would make a fun and unique name 

 Unique Names for Orange Cats 

Orange cats are known for their spunky and energetic personality. Here are some names that are as unique as they are.  

  • Nemo: Naming your orange cat after Nemo from Finding Nemo is a unique way to let people know you love Pixar movies 

  • Queso: A delicious snack and a funny and unique name for any orange cat out there 

  • Cheddar: If you love cheese, having an orange cat named after an orange cheese is a perfect option 

Unique Names for Grey Cats 

Grey cats are often sweet and a little mysterious. Taking those factors into consideration, here are some great name choices for them that are sure to catch your attention! 

  • Grigio: Grigio means “grey” in Italian, and it can even be connected to Pinot Grigio, making it a perfect name for any wine-loving cat parents out there 

  • Lavender: Lavender is a grey-purple color, making it a wonderful name for any grey cat 

  • Meredith: If you love Grey’s Anatomy, naming your grey cat Meredith is a fun and unique way to pay tribute to your favorite show 

Unique Names for Calico Cats 

Calico cats have unique colorings and patterns, so it makes sense to give them names that are unique as their appearances! 

  • Kaleidoscope: When you look into a kaleidoscope, you see many different colors together, which is similar to what you see when you look at a calico kitty 

  • Rocky Road: An ice cream with black and brown colors mixed with bits of white is a perfect choice for a cat with the same colors 

  • Trio: A cute name that pays tribute to the three colors that make up many calico kitties 

 How to Choose a Unique Cat Name 

Choosing your cat’s name can be hard because it’s such a big decision. However, there are some tips to make choosing a unique name a little easier on you! Try to choose a name that is short and easy to say, allowing it to be easy for other people to learn. You also want to choose a name that will last throughout your cat’s life. Don’t choose something based on their size as a kitten.  

If you need help, get your family and friends involved. They will likely give you some unique name ideas that you wouldn’t have thought about before. When in doubt, pay attention to your cat’s personality and let it help you come up with a fun name that matches who your cat is.  


Cat names are a major decision to make when you adopt a new furry friend. Many people want to name their cat something that isn’t super common, making their cat stand out in a crowd. Take the time you need to pick a name that fits your cat’s personality, is fun and simple, and makes you happy! Don’t get too caught up in trends or what people prefer in pet names. Instead, make the decision based on your preferences, making you more likely to like it for years to come!  


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