About Us

Spot is a team of pet-health-obsessed pet parents. We are driven by a shared vision to educate, empower, and engage pet lovers about the benefits of pet insurance to help them pay for eligible vet bills so dogs and cats can live healthier, happier lives.

Spot's Mission

Our mission is to create a more caring world by helping pet families get their pets the care they need to lead longer, happier lives together.


Pets Can Feel Better with Spot

From the beginning, Spot’s story has been pet-focused, and pet-parent-driven. We believe that the power of pet health should be in the hands of pet parents, which is where Spot pet insurance plans can help make an impact in helping animals feel better, faster.

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When we built Spot, it was on the promise to pets that pet parents would have the help they needed to plan for unexpected accidents, illnesses, and behavioral issues. Given the right tools, mobile technology is helping us keep that promise.

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Our digital-first approach means pet lovers can count on the help that Spot pet insurance plans offer. Empowering cat and dog lovers with information, tools, and technology, we are working together to help create responsible communities of healthier pet families who help pets lead longer, happier lives

Our Paw Principles

Pets First

Our love for cats and dogs is only equaled by our strong advocacy to improve their wellbeing, regardless of their circumstances. We act in the best interest of pets and commit to tirelessly educating people about the benefits that pet insurance plans can offer families when it comes to life-changing decisions.

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Affordable Plan Options

We stand up for pet parents in the challenge to help provide for pets through research that delivers affordable pet insurance plan options regardless of economic circumstances.

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Relentless Innovation

Our passion for good data, and consistent drive to innovate the products and services our plans provide must always lead to our business goal: To help create responsible pet loving communities, so that cats and dogs and their people can lead longer, healthier lives together.

Our Culture

At Spot, the first thing you’ll notice about our pack is how much we care.

We care about pets, we care about people, and we genuinely care about each other, and it shows in everything we create, manage, and track.

Our company culture is lively, collaborative, personal, fast-paced, and social with lots of playtime in between. Thanks to our fun committee, our dog-friendly office is filled with treats for the people who work here and the pets that join us every day. From casino nights, happy hours, and pet birthday celebrations to recognizing outstanding work and teams and reinforcing work-life balance – it's never just another day at the office.Take a peek inside our day, watch this video.

Our Core Values

Run Thru Walls

Overcome obstacles, exhaust all options, produce innovative solutions, move fast – Win Together

Data-Driven Decisions

Base choices on pet needs, apply data to move forward, prioritize goals – Own the Outcome

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Make it Memorable

Focus on uniqueness, focus on empowering the pet community – Think Bigger

We’re hiring!

Looking for pet insurance jobs? We're a bright and hard-working team of pet lovers! Visit our Careers page to see how you can be part of our mission to help pets lead happier, healthier lives!