10 Dog Park Etiquettes Every Dog Owner Must Know About

Dog parks are among the best things that happened to dog owners who live in apartments and do not have a yard. The dog park is a space where the owners can let go of the leash of their pets and they can play around under the supervision of their owner. Any space that allows dogs can be called a dog park. Dog parks can sometimes be dangerous as there might not be an enclosed space for dogs. This may risk other people getting bitten or even children harming the dog. Think of the experience as going to a party where you don’t know a lot of people. How would you react when you meet someone new? How long would you stay? How would you make friends? Similarly, a dog park is for your pet a place to meet new friends and a new environment. Here are why some etiquettes need to be followed and put in place so that your doggo and the people out there can have a good time!

1. Avoid taking a puppy to a park

A puppy may be difficult to handle so it’s best to not take puppies to dog parks. The puppies need to be given socialization training before they are taken to a dog park as it is no place for a puppy to learn socializing. Some puppies may not be vaccinated and could be at risk of contracting a disease. It’s better to take a puppy to the park after they are 6 months old and can handle being around other pets.

2. Take your dog off the leash

The whole point of going to a dog park is to let the dog be free and to get rid of the leash. If one has any doubt about their dog and their behavior, they should not be at a dog park in the first place. The dog should be trained enough to be able to go to a dog park. Do not carry your dog in your lap or have a leash on them as this gives other dogs a chance to mess with your pet. Your pet may also feel a sense of discomfort seeing the other dogs running around freely. The other dogs may jump on you, and it may set a chain reaction. Let your pet run around and enjoy the park.

3. Do not bring any food or treats to the park

One must not get any sort of food to the dog park unless permitted. Even if treats are allowed, they should not be given to your dog in front of other dogs as they could lead to aggression and other dogs attacking your dog. One dog’s treats cannot be given to another as some dogs may be allergic. Use verbal positive words to cheer your dog or to tell them they did a good job instead of depending on treats.

4. Always pick up after your dog

Once your dog does their business, the best practice is to pick up right after them. Keep a bag so that the waste can be disposed of properly. Leaving a mess in the park is unsanitary and may lead to an infection or disease.

5. Pay attention to your dog

When you are at a dog park, give your dog your full attention at all times. It is important to make sure your pet is on good behavior as well as the other dogs around are behaving well with your pet. Sometimes, your pet may get excited and get involved in a scuffle. In times like these, your attention is needed to remove your pet from the situation or to distract them.

6. Carry water with you

On your visit to the dog park, one must carry fresh water and a bowl to keep their doggos hydrated. This gives the dog a chance to keep in check with you at various intervals and also does not drain their energy. The water at the parks may not be clean and may carry bacteria that can make your pet sick or spread a virus. It’s best to carry your own bowl and water.

7. Know your dog

Before visiting a dog park, one must have their dogs vaccinated and trained. Make sure you know your dog’s behavior and how it reacts in various situations. If it is a new experience, observe their behavior by introducing them to another pet and see whether it barks or is friendly. If the pup reacts by barking, he may not be ready for a dog park. If your pup is used to going on playdates or walks, it should be a cakewalk for them. Also, be careful if your dog is shy and not used to socializing with so many other pets, take it slow and take them for walks before you get them to a dog park.

8. Keep the first visit short

If you are taking your dog for the very first time to a dog park, pick a time that is not very busy. Start by taking them to the park for a short visit and slowly ease them into the experience. Then, introduce them to other dogs and observe their reaction to understand if they are comfortable or stressed.

9. Intervene when needed

One must constantly keep observing how their pets are feeling at a dog park. If the dog is getting chased by another dog in a non-playful manner or vice versa then do not be afraid to step in and remove your pup from the situation. Do not leave it to the dogs to sort it out. Use your words and get out of the park for the time being.

10. Always keep a collar on your dog

Even though your dog is trained and in an enclosed space, sometimes the dog may run straight out of the exit. You should keep all his tags updated so that if your pup is lost it can be returned to you safely.

Even though a dog park is supposed to be a fun experience for a dog, do not force your dog to enjoy the experience. If you feel they are uncomfortable and stressed by the environment, find other activities to keep your dog engaged.

These dog park etiquettes will not only help with your dog’s experience but also their safety. Keep these pointers in mind and you should be good to go!

Have a great day with your doggo at the park!


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