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Best Names for Orange Cats

First of all congratulations on adopting a new ‘orange’ cat! You’re in for a lifetime of adventure. Naming a cat can be as challenging and interesting as naming a new baby. Most of the time we already know what we are going to call the baby if it is a boy and what if it is a girl. Some of us start thinking when the mother is pregnant. We’ve even seen some deciding the name of their kid when they are in their teens! But when it comes to naming our cat, it’s usually after deciding on adopting one or most of the time after getting it home.

Whichever stage you are in right now, we are glad that you didn’t go ahead and just name it Garfield! What could be more obvious than that? Let us help you with some popular names and naming ideas - 

Let’s start with names for orange cats inspired by the beautiful orange color itself – 

Aurum – Latin for gold

Pumpkin – If you’re a Halloween fan

Citrus – Symbolises freshness and tanginess

Apricat – Smart, isn’t it? 

Corn – When it has a baby, you can maybe call it Pop-corn?

Some other interesting names are – 

Simba – If you’re a ‘Lion King’ fan 

Aristocat – Again, smart right? And cats are noble. If you liked this, you’ll love the next one

Benedict Cumbercat 

Cat Sheeran. No?

Scarlet JoCatson?

And if you’re a foodie, we’ve got plenty of options for you.

Peaches – A cute name for your cat and your girlfriend/wife

Cheeto – you can go for ‘Tazo’ as well

Cheddar – Cheese anyone?

Fanta – It would be funny when you ask it to grab a stick

Heinz – For brand’s sake

Tabascat – A good topping for your family

Cinnamon – Good for your health

Didn’t like any? We’ve got more – 

Orange Widow – Orange is the new Black

Kiwi – Sounds nice and easy to pronounce 

Hermes – They do act pricey at times, right?

Orion – You’ll be able to watch Orion’s belt every day.

Looking for more names? Now we are judging your choices! But you did go for an orange cat so we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

We can give you 100s of more names here but all it's going to do is confuse you more. So if you cannot choose from any of the above names, you can go for inspiration from your favorite movies, books, TV shows, or cartoon characters. You’ll be able to find plenty of those on ChatGPT, so let’s not make this a lengthy read for you. And if you do have a favorite movie or a character then you wouldn’t need the internet’s help.

While you’re at it, let us tell you some interesting facts about your Orange cat!

How Long Do Orange Cats Live?

The average lifespan of an indoor orange cat is about 15-20 years. While the coat color has nothing to do with it, the breed does have some impact on the lifespan.  Balinese and Siamese cats, for example, are known to live for an average of 18-22 years. However, the length and quality of your cat will highly depend on the lifestyle, medical attention, quality diet, grooming, and love. 

What are Orange Cats Called?

If you are wondering what the best names for orange cats are, you might be wondering what they are formally called. Orange cats are also known as ‘Ginger Cats’. You may also see people calling them tabby, marmalade, tiger-cat, or cinnamon. And the fact that orange cats are Hollywood’s favorite, you’ll find people calling them Morris, Garfield, or Puss. The best one is from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. They just called it ‘Cat’.

Some interesting facts about Orange Cats – 

  • Orange coat color is not breed-specific and can be found in almost all cat breeds

  • 4 out of every 5 orange cats are males due to genetics.

  • They are always striped, with patterns like mackerel, ticked, spotted, and classic.

  • These ginger cats always have an ‘M’ marking on their foreheads. 

More About Spot Pet Insurance

Are orange cats dumber? While orange cats are unique, they do come with potential health problems like any other cat. Vomiting, FLUTD or feline lower urinary tract disease, fleas, tapeworms, diarrhea, eye problems, and more. Some of these can become very severe and even life-threatening in extreme cases. The treatment costs for these can run up to thousands of dollars. An average routine vet visit can cost you anywhere between $50 to $250 and more if your cat is sick. 

Bonus tip –

Search for ‘Orange Cat Behavior’ on YouTube or Instagram. You won’t be disappointed. There’s a high chance that you have already come across it but if you haven’t, do it right away!

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