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Are Orange Cats Crazy?

There is a very high chance that you’ve watched some crazy cat videos on TikTok or Reels and couldn’t wait to find out whether this is an actual thing or not. Wrestling with the doormat, staring at you like it’s going to launch a nuclear attack, doing the exact same thing that it knows you hate, or the million other things that these ginger cats do, have earned a reputation for them. But let us clarify one thing in the beginning: ‘Orange cats are NOT crazy!’

Having said that, if so many people are talking about it and there are millions of ‘orange cat behavior’ videos on TikTok and Reels, there must be something. Are orange cats crazy? Continue reading to learn more from Spot Pet Insurance.

Let’s talk Science First

Orange cats are genetically distinct due to the presence of the orange gene, which is found on the X chromosome. The gene produces a pigment that gives these cats the color. One interesting fact here is that you will find 3 male orange cats for every female orange cat. This is because females need the gene from both parents (XX), whereas males only need it from one parent (XY) to express the orange color. But does this gene cause psychological differences when compared to other coat-colored cats?

There is very little evidence for a relationship between coat color and the personalities of cats. The breed of the cat has more to do with the personality than the coat color. For example, breeds like Siamese or Tonkinese are more vocal than others. The breed may also impact the genetic health condition of a cat. For example, hip dysplasia is more common in Persian, Himalayan, and Maine Coon cats. 

Are Orange Cats Dumber?

While you may have seen videos of orange cats banging into closed doors, or goofing up silly things in the house, there are other videos of them crossing the road after the green light like humans, opening air-fryers and stealing food, opening doors for their humans and much more. 

So no, there is no scientific evidence of orange cats being dumber than their counterparts. Some orange cat owners would even argue that their cat is smarter than most of the humans they know. 

Orange cats or as people also like to call them, Ginger cats are very affectionate, energetic, and intelligent.

Why Are Orange Cats Crazy?

A 1995 study showed that orange cats are less common in areas with a higher mortality rate, suggesting that they engage in riskier behavior. However, this does not necessarily mean that all orange cats have a specific personality or behavior. Your cat’s craziness has nothing to do with its color. It is highly possible that your friend might have the same breed, the same color coat, and be extremely calm. The debate hence points towards;

Nature vs Nurture

Just like us humans, nature and nurture both play a significant role in shaping a cat’s personality. Some cat breeds do show a distinct personality when compared to others. For example, the American Shorthair would mostly be even-tempered and quiet; you’ll find Ragdolls to be more relaxed than a Bombay Cat. 

Talking about nurture, the sensitive socialization period or 2-7 weeks plays an important role here. In this period, kittens learn about their environment, their littermates, their mother, and other animals of their species, humans, and other species. Providing diverse, positive experiences during this time can prevent the development of fearful responses and subsequent behavioral problems. A lack of positive experiences can result into fearful or aggressive cats. 

However, none of this points to any conclusive evidence of the relation between the coat color and nature.

Thanks to the social media. We live in times where we’ve given social media the power to convince us of anything and everything. To prove this, just try putting up a post on Instagram or Facebook saying, ‘Scientists have discovered that drinking water may be harmful for you’ and you would actually see people giving it a serious thought and many of them rushing to the internet immediately to confirm it. 

Hollywood is also somewhat responsible for the reputation of orange cats. Garfield, Puss in Boots, and Heathcliff are just a few examples.

Confirmation bias is another big reason for this. We’ve seen so much content on the internet about how stupid, finicky, angry, crazy, or random orange cats can be, we tend to think that even our cat is showing such behaviors. 


Are orange cats crazy? Sorry internet but there is nothing called the ‘Orange Cat Behavior’. And if you want to define it then this behavior would stand for smart, affectionate, and playful. Orange cats are beautiful and intelligent like any other cat. If your cat tends to display anger or aggression, remember that this behavior can occur in cats with any coat color.

One more very interesting fact for you at the end - If you are a redhead then you have something in common with your orange/ginger cat – the pigment pheomelanin. And you share your love for an orange cat with ‘Winston Churchill’. 

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