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Everything You Need to Know About Cat Backpacks

So, you’ve decided you want a cat backpack to hold your cat, but when you search to buy one, the results are overwhelming. With so many brands and styles, how do you know which to choose? Here are our three Spot Pet Insurance certified best cat backpacks of 2022.

  • The Fat Cat Backpack by Travel Cat

  • Premium Pet Carrier by PetAmi

  • Pet Carrier Backpack by Lolliemeow

The Fat Cat Backpack by Travel Cat is a perfect fit for bigger-boned felines. This pack fits animals up to 17 lbs. comfortably and safely. Your cat will love the highly ventilated space as you take them from point A to point B. Plus, the bubble on the front of the pack will act as the perfect window into the outside world. Your cat can take in the views surrounding them while safely sticking by your side. There’s also a leash attachment on the inside for extra support.

The Premium Pet Carrier by PetAmi was created with the medium-sized cat in mind. It can handle cats up to 8 lbs. This well-ventilated pack also comes with a leash-like safety strap to secure your cat while you’re on the go. PetAmi must have designed this carrier with owners in mind because it comes with a waist strap for you for some added comfort and stability. If you’re traveling with pet accessories this pack is perfect for you! It comes with side pockets and a collapsible bowl for your cat’s hydration needs.

The Pet Carrier Backpack by Lolliemeow is also made for small to medium-sized cats. It can hold pets up to 13 lbs. One distinctive feature of this pack is the front. Unlike other backpacks with a small bubble for the cats, this pack’s entire front side is a clear bubble. This way the cat can look around as much as it wants. Plus, the back detaches into a play tent for your cat to move around.

Training Your Cat to Use the Cat Backpack

You’ll soon find that using a cat backpack as the carrier for your furry friend will prove to be a great resource. Yet, how do you get the cat to use it in the first place? How do you ensure this is a comfortable and secure experience for your pet? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Place the Backpack in a Safe Space

The key to making sure your cat is comfortable with the new, foreign carrier is to begin the process in a safe space for your cat. Simply place the backpack in one of your cat’s favorite areas of the home and leave it open. Odds are your kitty won’t immediately jump in, but this is a good time to expose them to the new object. Don’t force them to get inside. Allow them to sniff it. Some cats show disinterest while others might hop inside. There is no right or wrong way for them to react.

Create a Feeling of Safety Inside the Cat Backpack

Throughout this process, the number one priority should be making sure your cat feels safe and secure in the backpack. This will help immensely. One way to do this is by placing a toy or blanket inside the pack. The familiarity will make the cat feel at home and the scent of these objects will soothe it.

Use Treats and Encouragement

The next step is to get your cat to enter the backpack on their own. Remember, you should never force the cat into the pack, this will create a stressful experience for them. Instead, leave the pack open for them, then try using treats and encouraging words to get them to jump inside. Even if they don’t stay in for long, this is a great step in the right direction.

Allow Your Cat to Get Comfortable Inside the Backpack

Just because your cat jumps into the backpack a few times doesn’t mean it’s time for a full-blown adventure just yet. The key to getting your cat to like the backpack is patience. Every step must be done on their time and their schedule. This helps to give them a sense of control and trust.

Give your cat those treats and encouragements mentioned above as they sit inside the pack. Allow them to get comfortable just sitting.

Get Moving in Your Cat Backpack

As your cat becomes comfortable and recognizes that this backpack is a safe space for them, begin to move around a bit with them inside. First, feel free to walk around the house to get them used to the feeling. Next, maybe take a stroll through your neighborhood. The key here is to increase your cat’s time in the backpack little by little. Adding around ten minutes to each outing will help your cat acclimate to travel and different stimuli more and more.

Where to Use a Cat Backpack

With a cat backpack, the world is your oyster. No more carrying around a bulky carrier and switching it from arm to arm. The cat backpack helps your furry feline stick beside you comfortably throughout the day. Whether you’re commuting to work, or taking your kitty to the vet, they will be comfortable and safe thanks to your patient training. The great thing about cat backpacks is that they allow your pet to be more mobile and essentially join you throughout your day-to-day life if you so choose. However, keep in mind that some stores and restaurants do not allow pets. Look online or call ahead before bringing your cat into any business establishments.


With a cat backpack, your furry friend can finally join you on adventures hiking, at the park, or even just running errands. Taking the time to find the right backpack is crucial. Check your cat’s weight and size to make sure they are comfortable inside. Then, when it comes to training them to use the pack, patience is a virtue! Go slow and let them set the pace.

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