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Kittenhood Insight 3: Provide Kitten Essentials

  1. provide kitten essentials

From Sarah Hodgson

Provide Kitten Essentials

When raising a kitten or adopting a rescue cat, outfitting your home with their needs in mind will go a long way in helping your new companion feel safe and satisfied. Prepare with these kitten essentials:

A perch or cat tree Kittens enjoy climbing, often perching in high places to contemplate their surroundings.

Predatory play toys Cat play is centered around developing their predatory skills.  Provide toys that trigger their chasing and hunting instincts, like feather toys, play poles, or mouse toys.

Food and bowls Remember to feed your kitten on a consistent schedule. Provide a plate or shallow bowl for feeding, and keep a water dish out throughout the day. If you notice your kitten’s eating and drinking habits suddenly change, consult your veterinarian.

Cat treats Healthy cat treats are a great way to promote bonding and foster positive associations with human interaction. You can buy cat treats, use a cat paste, or make healthy rewards, like tuna balls.

Litter box and litter Get a litter box that your kitten can easily climb into with shallow sides and enough room to move around. Place the box in a location where your cat can have a little privacy. Fill the litter box with no more than 2” of litter.

Cat carrier Purchase a cat carrier if you haven’t already used one to take your cat home. The carrier is essential for vet visits and travel. Leave the cat carrier around in your home so that your kitten comes to see it as a normal object, and fill it with treats, toys, and familiar blankets.

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