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How Much Does a Chihuahua Cost in 2024?

Let's get right to the answer that you came here looking for; adopting a Chihuahua or purchasing one from a reputed breeder could cost you around $500-$2500. Now for those of you interested in learning more about this beautiful breed, the monthly maintenance costs, and the estimated lifetime cost, keep reading!

Characteristics of a Chihuahua

  • Adult weight: Up to 7 lbs

  • Adult height: 4 – 9 in. 

  • Origin: Mexico

  • Life expectancy: 14 – 16 years 

Chihuahuas are a very interesting dog breed and are one the smallest ones out there. Chihuahuas are renowned for their petite size and big personalities. Their size can make them a perfect lap dog. These little pups have a huge personality packed into their tiny frames, and they can be incredibly loyal and protective of their owners. They are often affectionately referred to as "Chi" by their devoted owners.

There are many different variations in which this breed can be found; short-haired, long-haired, apple-head, deer-head, pear-head, teacup, and hairless. And these variations are most commonly available in, red, fawn, and cream. There are some colors like pure white, blue merle, blue, and black that are some of the rarest Chihuahua coat colors available out there.

Now that you have some more information about this breed, we can move on to the part that you came here for.

What is the Price of a Chihuahua? 

You might expect that a Chihuahua, with its diminutive size and charming personality, would come with a hefty price tag. However, that's not necessarily the case. Let's break it down for you, according to costs from Rover and the OVMA:

Adoption or Buying: $50 – $2450 

$50 – $2,450 is the average cost of adopting or buying a Chihuahua. Several factors can influence this acquisition cost, including the location, breeder's reputation, lineage, age, and even the Chihuahua's coat color. While Chihuahuas may not be prone to pregnancy complications like some larger breeds, their popularity keeps the demand high, which can affect the price. If you're looking for a specialty variety or a show-quality Chihuahua with champion bloodlines, you might pay a premium price that can exceed $2,000.

If you don’t have a fixation on getting a Chihuahua from a breeder and you're open to adopting a Chihuahua from a rescue shelter, you may find one at a much lower cost. Rescue shelters take in lost and abandoned dogs, caring for them until they find their forever homes. Adoption fees at shelters typically range from $50 to $300, depending on the shelter and age of the Chihuahua. If you do decide to adopt a chihuahua, check out our dog adoption checklist!

Monthly Costs for a Chihuahua Puppy

Diets: $15-$25

The biggest advantage of owning a tiny dog is their tiny appetite. It’s recommended that you feed them high-quality, nutrient-rich dog foods and supplements, as the quality you buy can make a big difference in their nourishment. Your monthly costs for your Chihuahua’s diet could be in the range of $15-$25.

Grooming: $30-$50

The small size also comes with a small requirement for grooming. You may be able to handle their grooming yourself with regular teeth cleaning, nail clipping, and bathing at home. In that case, only the initial setup cost for owning a brush, clipper, and other at-home supplies could cost you around $50. However, if you do decide to go to a professional groomer, a visit could cost you around $30-$50 per session.

Medical Costs: $100-$200

The initial years are often more expensive in terms of medical care for any dog. It’s recommended that a puppy visit the vet 3-4 times in their first years for routine check-ups which could cost you around $70-$150 per visit depending on the type of facility you choose. After the first year, the load on your wallet may reduce as one visit per year should suffice, assuming your pet has no unexpected injuries or illnesses.

One-Time Costs for a Chihuahua

Initial Costs: $350-$800

Small dog = small space, small toys, small bed and a small food-water bowl. Some other things that you would need are a crate, leashes and collars, food and water bowls, poop bags, poop scooper, toys, and a first aid kit. All of these should cost you around $200-$400 depending on the choices you make. Most of these would be one-time expenses but some can be recurring as well. You may want to buy new toys from time to time as the old ones get old. Neutering or spaying is highly recommended and could add another $150-$400, depending on the type of facility you choose and their location.

Microchipping: $60-$80

As important as any medical expense, a microchip may help others identify your dog in case they get lost. On average, the cost of microchip implantation along with registration could be in the range of $60-$80.

Vaccines: $200-$380

A pack of basic vaccines that may protect your dog against hepatitis, parvovirus, and rabies may cost you in the range of $100-$150. Some lifestyle vaccines are optional. E.g., Leptospirosis, Lyme disease, Parainfluenza, etc. These will cost you $25-$30 per dose. Heartworm and flea prevention will cost an extra $100 – $200 for the year, but it is recommended.

Miscellaneous: $100-$150

You may want to go to parks with your dog or hire a dog sitter on your vacation. Dog walkers are another expense to consider if you don’t have the time to dedicate to this activity. These expenses are based on your choices, but you should budget for these and keep at least $100-$150 a year aside for these expenses.

Lifetime Chihuahua Cost

$1000 for adoption + annual food costs of $180-$300 + $150-$300 annual grooming + $100-$200 for routine vet visits + $400 for insurance + $500 for set up + $60 microchipping + $150 for vaccines and $100 for booster doses + misc costs. Adding these up over a 14-year average life span,2 would give you a figure of around $12,500-$18,600. Medical expenses resulting from unexpected accidents or illnesses are not included in this estimate.


Chihuahuas are tiny, energetic, loyal, possessive, unique-looking dogs and can surely add great value to your life given their beautiful companionship. So go ahead and add this pint-sized being to your life to unlock a barrel full of happiness for both of you.

Happy parenting to you and lots of love to your Chihuahua or your soon-to-be Chihuahua!

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