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German Shepherd Dog Names

German Shepherds are a dog breed that originated from Germany in the 1800s. They are a cross of various herding breeds hence the term ‘Shepherd’. These dogs were bred to be sheepherders who were intelligent, agile, steady, durable, and strong with a good sense of smell. These qualities also benefited the military and made them the breed of choice there

They are said to have been brought to the United States by the soldiers from World War I. Apart from being a military or police dog this breed also gets along with kids making them a great home pet. They have good guarding instincts and are easy to train. In some cases, they can be aggressive and nervous around new people and other pets but if socialized well they serve to be great pets.

They portray a strong muscular physique and have a double coat that protects them from rain, dust, and snow. Their coat color can be black and red, black and cream, black and tan, grey silver and white. This breed is said to have clean and odorless fur despite its reputation for shedding hair.

Now that you know enough about the breed Let’s jump right into the task at hand.

Best German shepherd names

Let's get started with one of the most popular classic German Shepherd names

·   Klaus – Some may argue it sounds like Santa Clause, but it means ‘people’s victory’.

·   Otto – Means ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity’.

·   Lara – Maybe like Lara Croft like it’s personality

·   Anka – A German name meaning ‘grace’.

·   Heidi – A kind name for your pet

·   Freida – Meaning beautiful just like this dog breed.

·   Aldo – A catchy name just like the brand.

·   Bruno – A classic name meaning strength

·   Elsa – Meaning ‘Noble’ in the Old German. 

Male German Shepherd names

If you are planning to own a male German Shepherd or already have one, this list is just for you. 

·   Axel – Father of peace

·   Brutus – Meaning ‘heavy’ in Latin.

·   Cody – Just like Zack and Cody.

·   Rudolph – The red-nosed reindeer.

·   Kasper – Casper with a ‘K’.

·   Wulf – A name that shows power

·   Rolf – A loyal companion

·   Charlie – A crowd loved name.

Military German Shepherd names

Here are a few names inspired from the military as this breed is their favourite -

·   Major – Just like the leaders they are.

·   Tank – As strong as a military one.

·   Ranger – Like ‘Texas rangers’.

·   Falcon – The fighter plane.

·   Sergeant – Because what’s cooler than calling your dog that?

·   Hunter – Will probably hunt your sorrow down

·   Sniper – For their skills

German dog names

·   Brutus – Meaning ‘heavy’ in Latin.

·   Cody – Just like Zack and Cody.

·   Isa – Strong-willed

·   Lenna – With the heart of a lion.

·   Asta – One with strength.

·   Minka–Warrior.

If the above names aren’t enough here are a few cool ones you can’t go wrong with. Some may have a meaning while some may sound cool. Most of these are gender-neutral as well. 

Best German Shepherd names

·        Shadow

·   Lux

·   Poe

·   Bailey

·   Frankie

·   Fig

·   August

·   Kai

·   Harper.

·   Avery

·   Pixel

Now you have a bunch of names to select but in case these aren’t enough, one can think about various topics to connect with this breed, be it their heritage, their personality, your interests or some words that sound cool to you. Get creative and go ahead and give your pet a lovely name!

More About German Shepherds

Either you’ve already made your decision to get one of these small dogs to your home or are yet to make it. Either way, it is important for you to know the potential health risks for German Shepherds. Here are some – (3)

Elbow Dysplasia – This condition results from the elbow not developing correctly during puppyhood. Its treatment may need medication, weight management, prescription diets, physiotherapy and even surgery in some cases. 

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus – Large dogs like the German Shepherd are prone to GDV or bloating due to the extra air inhaled during meals or exercise. The stomach can bloat and twist causing an emergency. It would require immediate surgical attention. 

Eye Problems – These dogs are also prone to a hereditary condition called ‘Pannus’ which affects their cornea. It can be exacerbated by environmental factors such as UV light and high altitudes.   

The treatment costs for the above-mentioned health conditions can exceed $1000 given the cost of vet visits, diagnostics, medications, alternate therapies, etc. But you can save 90% of them with pet insurance. 

How Can Pet Health Insurance Help?

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