Spot Pet Insurance Reveals Seasonal Allergy Surge in Dogs & Cats

MIAMI, April 11, 2024 -- As humans gear up for allergy season, it's essential to remember that our furry friends are also susceptible to seasonal allergies. Spot Pet Insurance, a leading provider of pet insurance, has analyzed its data and found a significant spike in claims for Cytopoint and Apoquel, common treatments for itchy skin and seasonal allergies in pets, starting in May and continuing through November.1

Seasonal allergies affect approximately 10-15% of the dog and cat population, causing discomfort and distress to our beloved pets.2 Spot Pet Insurance's data team examined claims involving Cytopoint injections and Apoquel medication, revealing a consistent increase during allergy season. While Apoquel can be used for both dogs and cats, Cytopoint is exclusively for dogs.

"Common allergens aren't just a problem for humans; it can also wreak havoc on our pets' health," said Trey Ferro, CEO of Spot Pet Insurance. "As responsible pet owners, it's crucial to be mindful of pet allergies, provide proper care, and recognize signs of distress."

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms of environmental allergies in dogs and cats include itching, scratching, chewing on paws, redness or inflammation of the skin, sneezing, and watery eyes. Left untreated, allergies can potentially lead to secondary skin infections and other health complications.

Tips to Help Your Pet Combat Seasonal Allergies

  • Regularly bathe your pet with hypoallergenic shampoo/conditioner

  • Wipe your pet's paws after outdoor walks

  • Keep indoor environments clean (vacuum & dust regularly)

  • Consult your veterinarian about allergy testing & appropriate treatment options

"While we can't eliminate allergens entirely, we can take steps to help minimize their impact on our pets," added Ferro. "Spot Pet Insurance is committed to helping provide peace of mind to pet owners by offering coverage for essential treatments like Cytopoint and Apoquel, ensuring that pets can receive the care they need to thrive."

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About Spot Pet Insurance:

Spot Pet Insurance is a passionate team of pet-health-obsessed pet parents driven by a shared vision to educate, empower, and engage pet lovers about the benefits of pet insurance. They aim to help pet owners pay for covered veterinary bills, helping to ensure that their dogs and cats can lead healthier, happier lives.

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2023 PTZ Insurance Agency Ltd. claims data.
"Dog and Cat Seasonal Allergies," Ethos Veterinary Health,, Apr. 26, 2023.

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Cassidy Laudano

SOURCE Spot Pet Insurance

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