Blue Lacy

Blue Lacy


A working dog, good at both hunting and herding, the Blue lacy breed is the only breed having its origin in the state of Texas

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What is it?:

They refers to the opacity in the lens of the eye. They are usually caused by genetics but can also occur after a certain age due to some diseases. They can also lead to blindness

Clinical signs

  • Confusion or clumsiness, especially in new settings

  • A change of color to the pupil, usually from black to a blue-white or cream-white color

  • A reluctance to jump onto furniture or into the car

  • Redness to the white of the eye, or around the eyelids

  • Rubbing at and scratching the eyes

  • Squinting or repeated blinking


Treatment may include surgery. Regular prescribed eye drops may be needed in some cases if one is trying to avoid surgery

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The Texas Blue Lacy dog is an intelligent breed owing to their hunting and herding skills


Lacys, especially the puppies are very energetic. Around children, they can go crazy by jumping and playing around.


Hunters by profession, the blue lacy breed is a little aggressive, especially around strangers and other pets if not trained or socialized properly at a young age

Lifetime Care


Blue lacy dogs enjoy a short haired, smooth and a tight coat with not a very significant undercoat


The breed is usually found in blue (ofcourse), silver, cream, dark grey, red and a unque tri-color outer coat




The smooth and tight coat of the blue lacy breed doesn’t require much grooming. Just a weekly brush and maintaining clean teeth, ears and nails.


The intelligent trait is basically for training which makes it easy for the masters. However, they can be a little sensitive to yelling.

Having its origin in the state of Texas, USA, the blue lacy, even called the red lacy because of its color variant, is its official state dog. It is one of the very rare breeds around which has gained popularity as a family pet only recently. While its called by various names like Lacy Game Dog, Texas Blue Lacy, Lacy Hog Dog and Lacy Cur, the work Lacy is derived from the Lacy brothers who created the breed to work on their ranch

  • Blue Lacy Dog: Introduction to the Breed

Having hunting and herding as their primary roles, these Texas Blue Lacy dogs have also been established as a great family dog. However, it is important to know more things before we make the decision to bring home one. Key features to note here are -

Blue Lacy Dogs are generally:

  • Highly energetic and active

  • Loyal and devoted to the family

  • Excellent watch-dogs

  • Great with children in the family

  • Outdoorsy

  • Intelligent and intense

Lacy Dogs are best suited for –

  • Experienced dog owners who have training skills

  • Families with houses with access to lawns or parks

  • Owners who can give sufficient time to their puppy

  • Active house environment where the dog can stimulate its physical and mental needs

Cautions before getting a Blue Lacy Puppy

The breed was bred to originally created to work around the ranch and eventually even for hunting. They are known to nicely handle stubborn cattle and other livestock. So, they are inherently aggressive and have a commanding nature. If you don’t spend enough time to train it and work it out, it can develop some aggressive behaviors. Even during walks, you may see it barking at other unfamiliar dogs as it is not known to shy away.

Things to watch-out before deciding to own a Blue Lacy Dog

The Blue Lacy puppies are no doubt a family loving dog which are great with kids. But there are some check points which you should know before adopting one –

  • They are not made for an apartment life. They will develop diseases or aggressive behaviors out of lack of physical stimulations

  • They need regular vigorous exercise, around an hour per day, to keep their high energy levels utilized

  • Socialization is must for this breed at early ages or else it can be very aggressive towards unknown dogs

  • You can’t leave the dog alone for a lot of time

  •  They can’t be left alone with very small kids as their hyper energy levels cab be risky at times and should be supervised


If you are an experienced dog owner and are planning to get a highly energetic, intelligent, affectionate play buddy then the Texas Blue Lacy is for you. Only make sure you don’t already have other pets around in your house, especially small ones as they can be very territorial and confrontational around them due to their high prey drive.