Chantilly Tiffany

Chantilly Tiffany


Chantilly Tiffany referred to as Chantilly or Tiffany cats are quite a moderate and low-maintenance feline. They are typically very sweet pets who enjoys snuggling, playing, and even talking. Their voice is more like chirping than yowling.

Lifetime Care

Breed Profile


16 – 20



6 – 12


Life Span

11 - 15




Ear infection

of cats

What is it?

The Chantilly-Tiffany has a long coat with lengthy “furnishings” that can get into their ears and cause unfortunate blockages. Ear infections can develop when the skin lining in the ear canal becomes irritated, leading to inflammation. Inflammation can lead to excess wax production in the ear.

Clinical signs

  • Pain in the ear

  • Will often find them shaking their head or scratching

  • Ear often becomes red

  • Black or yellow discharge

  • Hearing loss


If the infection has reached the middle ear but the eardrum has not yet been infected, oral or injectable antibiotics can often help to clear up the infection. For ear mites, bacterial ear infections in cats, or yeast infections in cats, treatment with corticosteroids, antifungals, antibiotics, or anti-parasitic in-ear drops may be prescribed.

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They often love to have a conversation with their owners in their sweet chirping-like voice


An energetic cat that loves the interaction with humans and other pets, interactive toys would be great for Chantilly to keep them engaged throughout the day.


They are very devoted to the humans in their life and can be a great companion to the family.

Lifetime Care


This unique breed has a soft, silky, and medium-length coat.


These cats were always deep chocolate color and further expanded into various shades such as blue, fawn, cinnamon, black, and lilac.




Tiffany is a relatively low-maintenance cat and doesn’t demand any special grooming. Brush their coat once a week to maintain that fine silky fur. Cleaning their ears, brushing their teeth, and cutting nails when required.


They are an intelligent breed and can learn the basics of litter and house training without creating much fuss. Since these cats are interactive it can be easy to train them while bonding and playing interactive games.

What should a Chantilly Tiffany eat?

They aren’t demanding about their food. To stay healthy, they require a diet rich in animal protein and vitamins. Two meals are ideal for the day. It's important to keep an eye on their diet because it's not as easy to tell if they're becoming overweight as it is with short-haired breeds.

Chantilly Tiffany: Introduction to the Breed

Chantilly Tiffany cats were first introduced in New York around 1969. It is believed that pair of chocolate color cats were crossed breed with some unknown heritage cat. Chantilly cats are often confused with semi-long-haired Burmese cats. The breed was first registered under the term ‘foreign long hair’ and later changed to Chantilly/Tiffany since the British had already named a crossbreed between a Chinchilla Persian and a Burmese with the same name.

In a medium-sized moderate looking cat with golden or yellow eyes, the intensity of eyes increases as the cat ages. Medium size ears spaced well with fur coming out of them. These cats quickly become a part of your routine and steal your heart with their affection.

Chantilly Tiffany Cat Breed Features –

  • Medium to long coat

  • Medium-sized cat

  • Soft and silky fur

  • Sweet chirping voice

Things to know before you get Chantilly Tiffany Cat

Today, these cats are extremely rare and while many breeders claim to have Tiffany no breed registry recognizes them, making it difficult to organize a breeding program. Do your research and ask the owner where their cats originated from. This breed is frequently confused with other dark-colored longhaired breeds. It should also not be confused with Tiffanie, a long-haired Asian cat.

Chantilly cats adore being with their owners. They will chirp back to you as if you are conversing with them. This cat breed enjoys playing with humans and other interactive toys which keeps them physically and mentally active. Chantilly cats form strong bonds with their owners and are shy around strangers but keep a cool demeanor.

Are Chantilly-Tiffany cats vocal?

Yes, Tiffany has a reputation for being loud and vocal. They are not afraid to let you know when they want something from you, such as food or attention. The voice of this breed is said to be pleasant and soothing, almost like a soft trill.


They are an excellent choice for a family pet and do well in any family regardless of size as long as they receive love and affection. They are extremely attached to their humans and do well in large homes and apartments that have enough space for the cat to play.

They're calm and easy-going, so they get along well with kids as long as they treat them with respect. While the breed is extremely social and loving, this also means that they would not do well if left alone for an extended period. These cats are quite mellow and typically get along with other pets including dogs. If you are looking for a family cat you’ve found a match.