Why Pet Insurance?

Top 4 Shocking Facts Pet Owners Must Know in 2024

  1. here’s how you do it:

Are you one of the few pet owners that have a pet insurance plan? If not, it’s time to jump on the wagon! Spot Pet Insurance is turning this industry upside down – and for the better! 

They are working to help make pet insurance fun while helping pet parents cover eligible vet bills.

  • FACT: 58% of the Canadian population own at least one pet. (1)

  • FACT: 78% of dogs and 50% of cats have at least one vet visit each year. (1)

  • FACT: 71% of Canadians say an emergency vet bill is too expensive.(2)

  • FACT: Spot’s goal is to help make getting a pet insurance quote easier than ever before.

Here’s where Spot Pet Insurance steps in. This startup of pet lovers provides easy and simple to understand pet insurance plans. You can get a quote for your dog or cat in less than a minute.

You can choose the plan option that best fits your budget and your pet’s healthcare needs.

Here’s How You Do It:

Step 1: Tap If You Have A Dog Or Cat Below

Step 2: Once you complete a few questions about your pet, you will be presented with plan options for your dog or cat (no login required).

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