Why Pet Insurance?

Does Pet Insurance Cover Prescription Food?

When you get sick or get into an accident, medications can help you with a fast recovery, but another factor that needs to be considered is nutrition. Giving your body the nutrients it needs can help you gain your energy back and help your body to recover. 

The same's true for our feline friends. Medication alone can be expensive, and the cost of prescription food can add to the financial burden for pet parents who want to take the best care of their pet.

Pet parents usually get pet insurance for help covering the unexpected expenses that can come with taking care of a pet. While most policyholders know what their policies cover, we know there are a lot of questions about coverage for prescription pet foods. This article is here to answer all of those questions. Let's get into it.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Prescription Pet Foods?

Yes, some pet insurance plans cover the cost of prescription food prescribed by a licensed vet to treat a covered condition. Some providers may also offer add-ons you can add to your policy for a fee to get additional coverage, which may include coverage for prescription foods. It’s a good idea to read your plan carefully as some providers may have certain restrictions with this coverage.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

In a few simple steps, here is how pet insurance typically works:

  • Enroll your dog or cat into a pet insurance plan.

  • Take your puppy to the vet when they become unexpectedly sick or injured.

  • Pay the bill up front.

  • Submit a claim to your pet insurance provider, which usually needs to include a copy of the itemized invoice from the vet visit and potentially a copy of your pet's medical records.

  • If your policy covers the conditions diagnosed by your licensed veterinarian, you’ll receive reimbursement of the eligible expenses based on your plan’s coverage.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Most pet insurance plans cover accidental injuries and illnesses. Depending on the provider, these plans may cover the eligible costs of prescription medication, diagnostic services, hospitalization, and surgery, to name a few.

Sometimes, there are additional add-ons available that you can add to your policy for a little extra. These add-ons are usually meant to cover the eligible costs of certain preventive care services and may be referred to as preventive coverage, or wellness coverage. Preventive coverage can help pet parents with the eligible costs of routine care, which may include benefits like annual wellness exams, vaccinations, and dental cleanings.

What is Prescription Food?

Prescription pet food is a special blend of pet food made especially to address the symptoms of a specific medical condition and help aid in the recovery of the pet.1 It is specifically made to help ensure the nutritional needs of the pet are met in times of illness or injury. Prescription pet foods are only available for purchase with a prescription from a vet. 

There are various types of prescription foods available in the market. The right prescription food for your pet will depend on the condition you and your vet are trying to address. Prescription pet foods may be prescribed for various conditions,1 which could include – 

What Is The Average Cost of Prescription Pet Food?

A few factors affect the cost of prescription pet foods. The condition your pet is experiencing, the type of dog food, the quality, the size of your pet and their daily calorie needs, can all affect the cost of the prescription pet food. On average, the cost per pound is in the range of $4 - $8.2

Does pet insurance cover prescription food?

Not all providers offer coverage for prescription pet foods. If they do, the coverage may not be included in the base plan. Some providers only offer coverage for prescription foods through the purchase of an add-on.

Does Spot Pet Insurance Cover Prescription Foods?

Spot is one of the few pet insurance providers that offer coverage for prescription foods as part of the base plan, not requiring pet parents to choose an add-on to be eligible for coverage of prescription foods. It’s important to note that this coverage only covers the eligible costs of prescription pet food prescribed by a licensed vet to treat a covered condition. It does not cover prescription pet food for general weight maintenance.

Spot Covers More Than Just Medication:

At Spot, we understand all of the work that can go into caring for a pet, and how difficult it can be when a pet falls unexpectedly ill or injured. That's why Spot plans offer pet parents customizable accident-only or accident and illness plans. Spot also offers two add-on preventive care options. Choose the coverage that best fits your pets needs and your budget. In addition to prescription pet food, Spot plans can help cover the eligible costs of: 

  • Surgery and hospitalization

  • Tooth extractions caused by a covered accident

  • Skin, eye, and ear infections

  • Cancer treatments

  • Behavioral conditions

  • Microchip implantation

  • Hereditary conditions

  • Orthopedic conditions

Spot’s preventive care coverage options offer coverage for:


Prescription foods can go a long way in helping pet parents manage their pet’s ongoing condition by making sure that their unique nutritional needs are met. With a Spot Pet Insurance plan, pet parents have help getting additional peace of mind knowing that they have help with the eligible costs, so they can focus on caring for their pet. If you would like a customizable pet insurance plan for your pet, take the first step. Get a quote today!

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The information presented in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and does not constitute or substitute for the advice of your veterinarian.

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