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Puppyhood Insight 4: The ABC’s of Puppy Parenting: Freedom, Food and Fun

ABC’s Of Puppy Parenting

A good parent balances rest and relaxation with the right mix of freedom, food, and fun. All puppies need healthy meals to grow and thrive. Food and treats can be doled out throughout the day to reward behaviors like sit and come.

Freedom is also important to your puppy’s well-being.

Restrictive walks can create surges in adrenaline and cortisol that lead many pets to leash reactivity and darting-off behaviors. Instead, enclose an open area inside for your puppy to enjoy supervised play and find an outdoor location or park so that your puppy may enjoy some freedom too. If this area is not enclosed, use a long freedom line of thirty or more feet to give your dog a sense of adventure while you still maintain control.

Worried about potential injuries during play?

Supervise your puppy’s outings, and should you suspect an injury, call your veterinarian immediately. As puppies grow, their ligaments and bones are vulnerable to tears and fractures. While they can heal quickly if treated, they can also dramatically affect your dog’s mobility if left untreated. To help cover the costs of emergency vet visits, consider whether pet insurance is right for you.

Puppy Games

Your puppy will have more fun playing with you than engaging in strict obedience lessons. I’m sure the feeling is mutual. Fortunately, you can thread all their training commands into enjoyable games that are fun for the whole family. Remember, play training is supposed to be enjoyable. If your puppy isn’t in the mood, don’t push it, and end each game when your puppy loses interest.

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