How to Help Animals this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for giving back and what better way than to help animals out this holiday season? Not only will they appreciate your generosity, but you’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside after seeing the impact your efforts made.

There are many ways to help animals this holiday season, ranging from volunteering, gift-giving, donations, and focusing on the animals in your own life. We hope the following tips give you some ideas on how to help animals out this holiday season!

How To Help Animals: Volunteering

Get hands-on this holiday season! A few volunteering opportunities to look out for:

Volunteer at a local animal shelter to help with the daily chores.

Foster pets for rescues while they work to find a new furever home for them. Or foster a pet for an organization like Dogs On Deployment, which places dogs in foster homes while their parents are deployed.

Offer to pet sit a neighbor or friend’s pet while they’re away for the holidays. They’ll greatly appreciate this gesture and you’ll get to give more belly rubs in the process!

Share important information from animal shelters and rescues on your social media. Take a moment to help get the word out about their fundraising efforts and any animals up for adoption.

How To Help Animals: Gifts And Shopping

The holiday seasons are bursting with gift-giving and while many of us are excited to open gifts from our loved ones, we can also use gifts as an opportunity to give back to animals. Here are a few ideas:

Ask for donations to be made to a local animal shelter or animal charity instead of a gift.

If you’re asking Santa for anything specific this year, ask that it’s a cruelty-free product. We recommend Googling some of your favorite brands and jotting a few cruelty-free brands down for loved ones looking to give you clothing, makeup, cleaning products, body care, etc.

Hosting a small holiday get-together? Ask your friends and family to bring any extra blankets, pet food, or toys to donate to a local shelter.

Thank shelter workers, who are often overlooked, by dropping off some cookies, holiday treats, or gift cards to say thank you.

Shop smart! Shop via AmazonSmile which gives a percentage of sales back to a charity of your choice. The donation is made at no extra cost to you  – simply make your purchases through Smile.Amazon and pick from nearly one million charitable organizations to give back to!

How To Help Animals In Your Life

Helping animals in need of a home is a wonderful way to give back, but don’t forget those nearest and dearest to you!

Here are a few ways to give back to the special animals in your life:

  • Plan a date night with your pet. Pick out a special food, activity, and plan some extra cuddling to really pamper your precious pet.

  • Gift your loved ones’ pets some new toys, treats, or other practical things they may need, like a portable water bowl, warm sweater, or new collar.

  • Prepare for the unexpected. While not the happiest item on this list, it’s still very important. We never know when something could happen to our beloved pets. Spend a little time today learning about a dog insurance or cat insurance plan for your pet. Help give yourself and your pet peace of mind that should the unexpected happen, you’ve got them covered!

We wish you and the dear animals in your life a happy holiday season! Happy holidays from Spot Pet Insurance.


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