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What Breed of Dog was Lassie?

Now that you’ve searched for this, it would not be wrong to assume that you’ve already seen Lassie in one of the tens of avenues it’s been popular on. But we guess you’re also here for the entire story and not just the breed’s name. So here it is…

Author Eric Knight created this beautiful fictional character ‘Lassie’ in 1938 in a short story that then went on to become a full-length novel in 1940 called ‘Lassie Come Home’. This tale of a loyal dog's journey to reunite with her young owner captured hearts and was adapted into a successful 1943 MGM film. Lassie's popularity soared, leading to a long-running television series from 1954 to 1973, making the dog an icon of loyalty and bravery. Over the years, Lassie has starred in various movies, TV shows, radio programs, and even animated series, becoming a symbol of courage and a cherished cultural icon across generations. The movie ‘Lassie Come Home’ was remade in 2020 as well and grossed a collection of $3.6 million. 

A male dog named ‘Pal’ became the first in a line of such dogs to portray the fictional female collie Lassie in film, on radio, and television. In 1992, The Saturday Evening Post said Pal had "the most spectacular canine career in film history". (2)

What Type of Dog is Lassie?

Border Collie

Now that you’ve learned a little more about how ‘Lassie’ became popular, you are eligible to know more about the breed. So, Lassie is a Rough Collie. A breed that is known for its protecting and herding abilities. But before you get to know about these abilities, you’ll be mesmerized by its beautiful long coat.  They are intelligent, energetic and a great companion for the family. The medium height makes them attractive for many people who want neither a small dog like a Pug nor a big one like the Great Dane. And they can adapt easily to apartment-style living as well given that they get enough exercise and walks. 

Was Lassie a Border Collie?

Border Collie

When it comes to Collies, there are 4 different types of them; Rough, Smooth, Bearded and Border. While all of them were bred to work on the farm, their energy levels vary. Lassie, the fictional character is a Rough Collie and not a Border one. Rough Collies are smart but their cousins, Border Collies are considered as the smartest dog breed around. They dominate the world of dog trick competitions, agility training and more. They are not just great outdoors but even indoors. They love to cuddle and sit with the family making them amazing family companions. 

Best Collie Dog Names

If you’re really impressed by the breed (which you should be) and are about to get one home or have already got one home, we can help you with some great names for your four-legged buddy. You can take multiple routes to name your dog. Now if you search on the internet for the best collie dog names, you’ll get hundreds of options but mostly all generic ones. Here are a few interesting ones – 

  • Einstein – They may not be able to perform experiments but are surely as smart in the dog world. (and smarter than most humans we know)

  • Scout – They love to explore the world

  • Redbull – The dog will become your source of energy

  • Ace – For its top performance overall

Okay here are some really funny ones – 

  • Bark Twain 

  • Sir Barksalot 

  • Chewbacca

  • Collieflower

  • Haircules 

  • Waggy Chan

Just because they are funny, doesn’t mean they don’t sound great. Just imagine calling your dog one of these names and bringing a smile to everyone’s face around you.

Female Collie Dog Names

For a female Collie dog, here are some great options – 

  • Pawtricia

  • Snicker Doodle

  • Barkimedes

  • Lady Woofington

  • Oprah Winfurry

  • Pawlina

  • Merry Puppins

And we know it’s an obvious name but not that bad sounding – ‘Lassie’. 

Male Collie Dog Names

  • Wagsworth (you could also go with Wags)

  • Max (We know this one’s generic, but it does go with their personalities. 

  • Beardo (if it’s a Bearded Collie)

  • Smarty 

  • Ruffy – for a Rough Collie

  • Smoothie – you know for which Collie now

Collie Dog Common Medical Conditions

Collies are one of the smartest dogs out there, but their smartness doesn’t protect them from certain medical issues that they are prone to. These include – (3)

  • Idiopathy Epilepsy or Seizures

  • Central Progressive Retinal Atrophy or CPRA

  • Collie Eye Anomaly

  • Grey Collie Syndrome

  • Hip Dysplasia, etc. 

Collies are more prone to these medical conditions. Apart from these, because of their energy and adventurous nature, they tend to eat things outside that they are not supposed to or get into accidents and injure themselves. At such times, we pet parents tend to get worried not just about our pup’s health but also the medical bills as they can put a severe dent in our savings at times. Pet health insurance, however, can help save up to 90% of those costs. 

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