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Spanish Dog Names

Spain, a country where even the dogs have a flair for the dramatic. You can't just call a Chihuahua "Fido" and be done with it. Back in the 16th century, Spanish conquerors weren't just exploring new worlds, they were also naming their dogs with a gusto that matched their epic adventures. Imagine Hernán Cortés yelling, "¡Venga, Vasco!"

We know you are not looking for such ancient names. They were cool in their times though. Don’t worry, we’ll help you a name that’s cool in the 21st century for you. Either you have a Spanish Dog Breed like Spanish Mastiff, Galgo, Podenco, Water Dog, Bichon Frise, Pyrenean Mastiff, Spanish Hound, etc. or some other breed and you’re the one who’s Spanish. Either way, let’s get you some great Spanish names for your dog! 

Hispanic Dog Names

  • Rey – King in Spanish

  • Capitán – For the captain of your house

  • Dulcinea – For your sweetheart

  • Princesa or Infante – If your dog acts like it deserves a throne

  • Piñata – A dog full of surprises

Foodies anyone?

  • Churro

  • Taco

  • Nacho

  • Fajita

  • Salsa

  • Patata

Masculine Spanish Dog Names


Spanish males are like their canine counterparts – a mix of loyalty, charm, and playful energy. Picture them as the human version of a spirited Spanish dog breed: sturdy and protective like a Mastín, swift and passionate like a Galgo, affectionate like a Bichón, loyal like a Podenco, and charismatic like a Chihuahua. And we now have been given a task to name a Male Spanish Dog. Let’s get started – 

  • Señor Fuzz

  • Don

  • Taco Supremo

  • Frita or Patata Frita

  • Pepe le Paw

  • Loco Paco

  • Fiestero

  • Rico Suave

  • Queso Grande

  • Zorro

The next one’s our favorite –

  • Burrito Bandit (You can later shorten it to BB if you find it too long. But totally worth it!)

What is a Good Mexican Dog Name?


Mexico is a country that offers a unique blend of history and modernity. It is a place where every corner tells a story and every meal is a fiesta. From colorful festivals to bustling cities, the country is surely vibrant. A good Mexican Dog name should reflect that too! 

Whether you’ve got a Xolo, the national dog of Mexico, a Chamuco, the secret Mexican breed, a Chinese Crested dog, that traces its roots to Mexico, or a Chihuahua, which also traces its roots to Mexico, we’ve got some great name options for you. 

  • Pico

  • Jalapeño

  • Tequila 

  • Nacho Libre

  • Piñata

  • Queso

  • Pancho

  • Mariachi 

  • Chalupa

  • Pepito

What is a Cute Pet Name in Spanish? 

From the Moorish architecture of Andalusia to the bustling streets of Madrid and the serene beaches of the Costa del Sol, Spain is like the perfect mix of old-world charm and modern sophistication. A cute Spanish pet name should encapsulate all its warmth, passion for life, and a strong sense of tradition. And of course, the sweet language as well!

Here are some cute Spanish pet name options for you!

  • Canela

  • Luna

  • Pelusa

  • Osita

  • Mariposa

  • Toro

  • Miel

  • Pequeño

  • Dulce

  • Sol

We hope it was difficult for you to select one among all these great options. We did put a lot of work into coming up with them. 

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Canine illnesses specific to Mexico | DIBS Rescue. (n.d.).

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