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Top 5 Must-Have Dog Gear Picks

As a pet parent, finding the right pet gear is essential. There are so many factors to consider, like safety, function, comfort, style, and honestly just the vibes they give you. If you ask us, spending time thinking through all of those factors feels a little overwhelming. And that’s time you could spend with your dog instead. We suggest investing in innovative products that will last a lifetime, not just through one stage of your pet's life. Here are our top pet gear picks, made to give you and your pet peace of mind. Worry less and adventure more.

A person in a white outfit stands on a city street with a Dalmatian dog while looking at their phone.

The Signature Crate:

Crate training your pet is a no-brainer, because it sets you both up for success. Crates can help to keep your dogs safe when they’re home alone, or provide them with a comfortable den-like space to relax in as they please. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream space to make room for a loud, ugly metal box. The Signature Crate from Fable is a minimalist bent wood crate that doubles as a side table or nightstand. It’s a surface you’ll definitely use, and a home base your dog will love. Investing in high-quality gear that lasts a lifetime, pays off for both you and your dog.

A small dog is exiting a wooden pet crate.

A leash is probably the very first product on your list, and for good reason. You literally can’t go ANYWHERE without it. But get this - all leashes are not made equal. Fabric leashes are hard to clean. Not all clips and buckles are made to withstand a pulling pet. Retractable leashes pose a lot of dangerous risks, like not retracting when you want them to, or injuring both your pet and the dogs you might meet on the street. A reliable leash is one that you trust to keep your pet safely by your side. Enter: the Magic Link, a hands-free leash that works for both you and your pet. Wear it cross-body, around your waist, or as a wrist strap. Secure your dog with a convertible collar or slip lead, or with Fable's patent-pending clip to their collar or harness of choice. It can even create an extra wrist strap if you want some extra security when going hands-free. The Magic Link is durable and made to withstand 350 lbs of pull force, plus it’s waterproof, so easy to clean, and has a minimalist look that fits any fit.

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The Fable Collar:

I bet a collar is number two on your list. The Signature Collar offers both fashion and function, ensuring your dog looks their best while staying secure. Made from premium, soft-touch nylon, this collar is comfortable for your dog to wear. Its adjustable design allows for a perfect fit, while the sturdy buckle and D-ring ensure strength and reliability. Get a minimalist color for every day of the week.

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The Signature Bowl and Bowl Mat:

Okay, we’re cheating because this is technically two recs, but feeding time is an important part of your dog's routine. Fable's ceramic bowls combine functionality and aesthetics, so you might want to get one for yourself to eat out of too. Fable's Bowl Mat keeps the bowls still and secure, while your floors are looking clean and dry. Buy now, before your puppy discovers the excitement of water, and you’ll thank us later.

The Game:

More on meal time, because it is that important. If you’re looking for additional enrichment to keep your dog engaged and excited, then The Game is the perfect puzzle feeder for them. If you bought a phone with a better camera and extra storage to vlog every precious move your puppy makes, then this is the puzzle feeder for you. With a weighted base to create unpredictable movement and four difficulty settings, ignite your pet’s prey drive at breakfast, dinner, or snack time.

Investing in quality pet gear is crucial for your dog's comfort, safety, and style. But it’s just important to pick pieces that work for you too, because you’ll both be using them every single day. Explore with Fable to elevate both you and your dog's everyday experiences. 

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