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Military Dog Names

Dogs have not only guarded houses and people but even nations. We’ve had so many dogs who devoted their lives to serving the country. Dogs have been a part of military operations for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations where they were used as sentries, messengers, and even in battle. Even in recent world history, you'll find mentions of legendary dogs like Sergeant Stubby, a brave Boston Terrier who served in World War I, capturing spies and saving soldiers from gas attacks. Or Chips, a German Shepherd-Collie-Husky mix, who served in World War II and earned a Silver Star for his heroics in combat. 

Did you know that according to the U.S. Department of Defense, there are over 2,000 active-duty military working dogs serving in the U.S. Armed Forces? And the American Humane Society estimates that each dog saves between 150-200 lives throughout their service. (1)

Now you’re about to do something that could find a mention in history books – pick a name for your military dog. Here’s our bit towards it. Also, a way to say thank you from our side to you for your service!

Our Favorite Army Dog Names

Belgian Malinois sitting on the pavement

Courage and dedication – that’s what an army dog’s name should reflect. You could go with the popular ones like Sarge and Major, but if you’re looking for something unique, here are some options for you -  

  • Gunner – For the alert 

  • Blitz – Quick and decisive, like a military strike

  • Patton - After the famous WWII General George S. Patton.

  • Sniper – Sharp and precise

  • Bullet – Fast and Fierce

  • Valkyrie – Mythical and strong

  • Reaper – Intimidating and relentless

  • Ajax – A Greek hero known for strength

  • Knight – Medieval and chivalrous 

Our Favorite Air Force Dog Names

Photo of a German Shepherd Sprinting

Did you know The USAF employs over 320,000 active-duty personnel, making it one of the largest branches of the U.S. Armed Forces? Now with the motto ‘Aim High... Fly-Fight-Win’, let’s aim to find you a high-ranking name for your AF dog! 

  • Spirit – After the B-2 Bomber

  • Dragon Lady – A reconnaissance plane in the USAF

  • Dakota - The UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

  • Apollo – To the moon

  • Hawk – Sharp and agile

  • Comet – Fast and blazing

  • Jet – Fast and powerful

  • Falcon – For the F-16 fighting jet

And we know this must be your favorite too, because it surely is ours – 

  • Maverick – is an explanation needed here?

Our Favorite Marine Dog Names

Cane corso
  • Semper – ‘Semper Fidelis’ – ‘Always Faithful’ (motto of the Marine Corps)

  • Bunker – Safe and secure

  • Riptide – Powerful and relentless

  • Sailor – As strong as Popeye 

  • Chesty - Chesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in history

  • Toughie - Marine Corps training is considered one of the toughest to scale through.

  • Gyrene - An old slang for a Marine.

  • Tsunami – Powerful and unstoppable 

Best Navy Dog Names

French Bulldog Health Problems
  • Anchor – Stability and strength 

  • Blue – For the seas

  • Ranger - USS Ranger, a notable aircraft carrier.

  • Compass – Leading you to the right directions

  • Salty – A seasoned sailor

  • Marlin – An agile fish symbolizing speed and grace.

  • Swordfish – A fast swimming predator

  • Mako – The fastest shark species

Top Coast Guard Dog Names

Two dogs, one black and one tan, jump off a dock into water.
  • Skip – Your boat’s captain

  • SAR – Search and Rescue

  • Surf – For a water baby

  • Triton – Greek god of sea

  • Harbor – Your safe haven

  • Current – Powerful and influential like the ocean’s

  • Skiff – For the agility

We could give you a list of 100 names for each filled with all generic options. But would it be fair to your brave dog?

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