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Indestructible Dog Toy Choices for 2024 


Dog toys are great – they keep our pets entertained for hours and keep them from chewing up our personal items! Dogs have a high chew drive and teeth to match. It may be confusing or frustrating to find your dog is ripping every toy you give them to shreds! This can result in a lot of wasted time and money.  

Lots of owners seek out an indestructible dog toy, one that will stand the test of time and their dog’s constant chewing. Though no dog toy is perfect, certain toys on the market are tougher than the average toy and provide more longevity. If you want to keep the play going, keep reading to see our picks for indestructible dog toys this year! 

Types of Dog Toys 

There is an array of dog toys on the market. They serve different purposes, and different dogs may gravitate toward certain toys. 

Some examples of types of dog toys available today are: 

  • Chew toys. Chew toys are usually made from firm rubber, nylon, or tightly braided rope and are meant for constant chewing. These types are great for teething pups or the super chewer in your life! 

  • Nylon bones. Safer than the typical dog bone, which can fragment and cause sharp pieces to endanger your pet, nylon bones provide safe chewing for extended periods. 

  • Balls and Frisbees. Great for outside play – but not advisable for chewing or independent play. These toys are not made for constant use, and most can easily break apart with prolonged chewing. 

  • Plush toys. Plush toys have the cute factor that we all love. They are typically soft, furry and may feature a squeaker inside. These are toys that they love but are typically not the toughest. When torn apart, these toys can leave stuffing all over your home, and worse, small parts like squeakers may end up in a dog’s mouth. 

  • Puzzle toys. Toys like those in the Kong line provide mental and physical stimulation. Kong toys are made of super durable rubber and have a small inner compartment to hide treats, which your dog will spend hours trying to figure out. There are many types of puzzle toys out there. 

  • Top Picks for Indestructible Dog Toys 

No dog toy is truly “indestructible.” Over time, with regular use, every dog toy will reach a stage where it needs to be replaced. With that said, some dog toys last over months (or even years) of tough chewing and rough play – these are the toys on which we will focus! 

These toys have been top-rated for their durability. If you are looking for an indestructible dog toy (or a couple) this year, check out these recommendations. 

Kong Classic 

Every dog owner should have a Kong Classic somewhere in their toy box. The Kong classic is defined by its egg-shaped exterior made of thick, hard-to-pierce rubber. It features a hollow core that can be filled with a variety of fun treats biscuits, peanut butter, or Kong’s own special filler treat.  

Kong Classic is a great toy because it’s insanely durable for the chew-obsessed pup, but also a puzzle toy to keep pups mentally stimulated. Kong Classic comes in a variety of sizes, from XS to XL, so you can find a version of the Kong Classic perfect for any breed or size!  

Triceratops Toughie Plushie  

The Triceratops Toughie plush toy produced by GoDog is a unique gem. It promises toughness from a plush toy, which is usually unheard of. Of course, soft plush toys are always more susceptible to being torn apart by avid chewers as compared to other more durable options. 

However, some dogs just love plushies (and we can’t blame them)! If your dog loves plush toys but is notorious for ruining them, you might want to give the Triceratops Toughie a chance. It features double-stitched seams and a durable inner liner to prevent mess as well as dogs from getting to small internal pieces.  

Dura Chew Textured Ring  

Produced by NylaBone, a well-known dog toy brand, this toy packs serious durability into a fun shape. The Dura Chew Textured Ring toy features textured nylon, with flavor, to keep even the most avid chewer satisfied. It’s got a very low price point for a high-quality toy that lasts close to forever. Thousands of satisfied reviewers have echoed the same thing – this is great for an avid chewer!  

Real Bacon-Infused Bark Bone 

The bacon-infused bone by Pet Qwerks is a win for dog owners! Its nylon material makes it very sturdy and safe for hours of chewing. It comes in bacon or BBQ flavor; you can pick whatever flavor will get your pooch drooling for more! This toy is great for discouraging dogs’ destructive behavior by keeping them occupied with both hours of chewing and a delicious taste.  

Wooden Chew Toy 

Have a pup who just loves picking up sticks outside? Satisfy your dog’s natural urges with this wooden stick chew toy by PetStages. This toy mimics the texture and shape of a real wooden stick, without the safety issues of a real wooden stick. This is made with durable and flexible non-splinter material that is safe for dogs to gnaw on. 

The wooden chew toy comes infused with an irresistible bacon flavor. The toy comes in four sizes, so you can be sure to find one that fits any dog!  

Gnawt-a-Rock Durable Dog Toy 

Have a dog who likes to get into rocks in the backyard? Gnawt-a-Rock chew toy by Ruffwear allows you to swap out real rocks for synthetic ones made for tough chewers. This toy features an internal chamber that you can stuff with your dog’s favorite treat, to keep them entertained for hours. The toy is made from natural latex rubber that provides safe and fun chewing for hours. It comes in three colors and is best for large breeds. 

Romp-N-Roll Ball 

Is your dog a tug of war lover? This toy is sure to excite them! The Romp-N-Roll ball by Jolly Pets features a durable ball, with a rope attachment for fun tugging. Your dog will love to play with this one on their own or offer the rope to a friend to start an engaging game. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large; you can find the size that fits your furry friend best.  

Zogoflex Durable Dog Bone 

Does your pup enjoy frequent trips to the lake or laps in the pool? Well, swimming just got more fun with Zogoflex’s durable dog bone! Apart from being sturdy and durable, this bone is designed to float on water. This dog bone promises that it resists dog-related damage to the highest degree. Plus, it’s water-friendly, so you can simply pop it in the dishwasher when it needs a good clean. 


It feels like new dog toys are becoming available every day! With all these choices, it can be hard to pick the right toys for any dog, but especially for the avid chewer. You want to make sure the toys you pick are durable, safe for hours of chewing, and entertaining to your pup. Hopefully, the suggestions we listed above end up being a great fit for your pooch. They are just a handful of the awesome toy options for our super chewing canines! 


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