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Best Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Is your dog even a dog if it cannot do some cool tricks? 

We’re kidding. There’s no problem with a couch-loving dog. But who said you cannot teach some tricks to your dog inside the house as well? In the end, it’s about making your dog follow instructions. And we humans domesticated dogs for making them work according to us. 

But if you think that you’ll just order a command and hold some treats in your hand and your dog will obey in the first go, you may be wrong. Teaching your dog new tricks is as much about patience and perseverance as it is about bribery with tasty snacks. But fear not! 

With a little humor, a lot of love, and a seemingly endless supply of treats, you and your dog will be performing feats that would make Houdini jealous.

How to Teach a Dog to Sit

This is the most classic one of all. It’s the bread and butter of dog training, the macaroni to the cheese. It’s like teaching a newborn baby to say ‘Mumma’. 

Here are 6 easy steps to teach your dog to sit – 

  • Hold a tasty treat near your dog’s nose when it is standing.

  • Slowly lift the treat upwards, allowing your dog’s head to follow the treat. It should automatically sit as the nose goes up.

  • The moment your dog’s bum touches the ground, say ‘sit’ in a clear and calm voice. The timing is important here as it will help your dog associate the sitting action with the word.

  • Give the treat to your dog followed by praises. 

  • Repeat this multiple times but for shorter durations as we don’t want to overwhelm the dog in the start.

  • Once you see that your dog is following the command consistently, phase out the treats gradually. Let the praises and affection stay. After a point, your dog will sit just because you asked, without expecting a treat. 

And done.

How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

Before beginning to teach your dog how to roll over, you need to understand that showing bellies is a sign of trust and comfort for dogs. They can feel exposed and vulnerable when they show their bellies. So, make sure your bond is strong enough before trying this trick. 

Here’s how you can teach your dog to roll over in 5 simple steps – 

  • Get your dog to lie down. Use treats and praises here to motivate. 

  • Take another treat, hold it near their nose and keep moving it towards the shoulder. This should encourage them to lean to the side. You can offer the treat once they do, followed by a ‘Good Job!’

  • Place one hand by the hip and another near the shoulder and gently roll your dog over. Just about when the flip is about to happen, say ‘Roll Over’. 

  • Once the rotation is completed, show the happiness out loud. Cheer your dog and give them an enthusiastic ‘Whoopie! Good Job!’ This will make your dog feel that something great just happened and that you are very happy about it.

  • Repeat the exercise a few times and then start fading the treats away. 

Teaching rolling over to your dog is great fun, but it may not be recommended for every dog. Avoid it for big dogs like German Shepherds, Great Danes, and Rottweilers as it can be dangerous for their deep chests. It can cause Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV), also known as flipped stomach or twisted stomach.

Best Simple Dog Tricks

Sitting and rolling over are not the only things you can teach your dog. Some paw-rents have been successful in even teaching their dog how to use a men’s urinal, catch a bucket and then a ball, synchronized back flips, scoop their own poop and much more. 

While these may need some training for yourself and are more like advanced training courses for your dog, here are some simple tricks that you can teach your dog –

  • Give a kiss – Just keep a small treat on your cheek and the moment your dog gets up to lick it, say ‘Give a kiss’. 

  • Shake paws – Most dogs will know how to do this naturally. You will just have to use the right command at the right time.

  • Say Goodbye – Once your dog knows how to shake paws, take that paw and show them the waving gesture. 

  • Spin – Take a treat and hold it near their nose. And then spin your hand and say ‘Spin’. 

  • Balance – Get your dog to balance on their back legs and raise the front ones. Treats and the command ‘Sit pretty’ should do. (you can obviously use any other command)

Easy Puppy Tricks

Puppies usually have more energy and are more eager to please their humans than adult ones. You can try all the above tricks with your pup. Here are some more easy puppy tricks – 

  • Play dead – How cool would it be when you hold your fingers like a gun and say ‘Bang!’ and your dog actually pretends to be dead! The trick goes the same way as teaching your dog how to roll over.

  • High-Five – Once you’ve mastered the shake paws move, this should be very easy. Next time you’ll have someone to high-five every time your Tinder says ‘Matched!’ 

  • Jump – This can be fun and productive for your dog. You can set up some basic hurdles and then take your dog on a leash and do the course along with your dog. Just say ‘jump’ every time you make them jump and the next thing you know, you can ask them to jump into your arms as well. 

And the most iconic trick of all times – Fetch (add link to the respective article). We’ve actually written an entire article on it. Check it out! 

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