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Best French Dog Names

Vous souhaitez ajouter une touche de style français à la vie de votre chien? Did this make sense to you? If yes, then you’re probably French in the US, looking to name your dog something that reminds you of your country. If not, then you’re probably a fan of the French flair, beauty and sophistication and want to add a bit of all of these to your dog’s name. And looks like you’ve got a French breed home too. Either way, look no more because we have some great names for your Frenchie. 

France isn't just famous for its delicious pastries and romantic Eiffel Tower views. It’s also known for its rich history of some of the cutest and most elegant dog breeds. Think of the regal Poodle strutting down the Champs-Élysées, or the adorable Bichon Frisé, looking like a fluffy croissant. 

Naming your dog something French might make you feel like you're starring in a Parisian rom-com. Imagine calling out, "Chérie, dinner time!" and watching your neighbors' amused faces. Or how about "Baguette, fetch!" at the local park? 

Frenchie Dog Names

A small dog with large ears sits on a metal table in a veterinary clinic.

Let’s start with naming a French Bulldog. But before naming, we feel you must read a bit about the breed that will help you choose the name that’s more appropriate for your Frenchie. Here’s our page on the ‘French Bulldog’. (don’t forget to open this link in a new tab. You don’t want to miss out on the names) Done? Let’s get started with the names. 

  • Napolean – For your small dog with a big personality. 

  • Éclair – As sweet and delightful as one. 

  • Bijou – ‘Jewel’ in French.

  • Lumière – Remember the charming candlestick from "Beauty and the Beast"?

  • Chérie – For the amused look on your neighbor’s faces. Also, it means ‘darling’ in French.

  • Bonbon – Just a sweet name.

  • Frodo – Don’t their ears remind you of him?

  • Théophile – French for ‘friend of God’.

  • Claude – A classical name for a dog with a classical personality.

  • Hugo – For the strength of Frenchies.

  • Batman – For their ‘bat ears’.

  • Oui Oui – Who can say no to these adorable pups? 

Cajun French Dog Names

French Bulldog Health Problems

The Cajuns came from the French colonists expelled from Nova Scotia, Canada, in the late 1700s during the French-Indian War. They settled in the southern parts of Louisana where they developed a unique culture, language, and cuisine, now known as Cajun. It was important to tell you a bit about Cajun’s history so that you can pick a Cajun-inspired name for your dog that suits the most. Here are some great Cajun French Dog names for you – (2)

  • Boudin – A Cajun sausage name for your plumpy pup.

  • Gumbo – A local dish name for your hearty dog.

  • Etouffée – A seafood dish name for your water-loving pup.

  • Rougarou – A mythical Cajun creature, for a mysterious pup.

  • Tasso - The smoked pork shoulder name for a tough dog.

  • Pirogue – A Cajun boat name, again for your water-loving pup.

  • Triangle – A Cajun musical instrument, for the ‘right’ angle of your life.

  • Chère – Meaning "dear" or "sweetheart" in French. 

  • Gaston – A strong, classic Cajun French name.

  • Poupon – "Baby" in Cajun French.

  • Cypress – After the iconic tree of the Louisiana swamps.

What is a Good Dog Name in French?

Woman Cuddling With French Bulldog Puppy

If we were to rate French names, our judging criteria would have the below checklist – 

  • Chic

  • Sophisticated

  • Elegant

It may look like these are all similar words. But isn’t France known for its chic, sophisticated and elegant beauty? The names should reflect these features. Here are some good dog names in French that have passed our checks – 

  • Filé – For a sassy dog (sassafras, get it?)

  • Beau – Handsome in French. 

  • Émile – Passed our check. 

  • Léon – For your ‘lion’ baby.

  • Coco – Or you could go for ‘Chanel’

There can be many more great names for your French Dog. We hope you could choose one from all the ones we’ve listed for you. We know it could be difficult with such great options but we did our part. Now it’s your turn to make the decision! 

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