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Top 5 Funny Cat Habits Explained

Top Funny Cat Habits - Find out what drives them.All cats are so unique from appearance to their weird antics. They make it easy to tell them apart. Some of these furry felines are loving; some are reserved. Some cats are social butterflies, others prefer to stay hidden. Yet, despite their diversity, they all exhibit very similarly, funny cat habits that keep us entertained. We can't help but wonder... What do these top 5 funny cat habits even mean?

Funny Cat Habit #1: Gifting Us Their “Deadliest Catch”

A calico cat inspects a dark object on grass and rocks.

Although you know these gory presents that they drop on your doorstep come from the bottom of their hearts, you just can’t figure out…

Why does it have to be a wounded animal? Remember that your cats are pack animals and they’re natural-born hunters. We can’t get mad at them for their desire for good old’ fashion hunt.

Also, to your domestic cat, you actually represent their surrogate family. They bring you these offerings because they want to show off their prized catch to their “pack,” aka you. This is especially common in spayed female cats. By leaving a dead animal on your front porch, your cat is acting out its primary role as mother and guide. Since many female felines have no young, they like to pass on their hunting wisdom to their owners. It’s not the ideal present for humans, but you have to admit… it’s pretty endearing.

2: The Love Affair Between Cats & Boxes

A wide-eyed cat peeks out from the top of a cardboard box.

The cutest thing is watching your cat try to fit into the smallest box they could find. You can spend a fortune on toys to keep our furry friends entertained, but nothing compares to a small cardboard box.

Cats can’t get enough of boxes because they’re ambush predators. A cardboard box is the perfect, confined space where they can hide, hunt prey, and feel safe.

Funny Cat Habit # 3: Showing Off Their Butt

A tabby cat stretches on a pebble path at sunset.

Like most animals, cats sometimes communicate via body language. When they stick their rear up high in the sky, they’re conveying a message to other cats or their owner.

This could be compared to you saying hello to a stranger at the first meeting.This message means:

  • A Hello

  • They aren’t a threat

  • A sign of friendship and trust

  • To show off their scent

#4: Rolling Around

A fluffy tabby cat with a dark collar lies on its side looking upwards.

Similar to canines, when a cat lays on their back, they’re signaling submission. However, there are many reasons why a cat will roll on their back. Overall, Cat behavior experts agree that this gesture is actually part of your cat’s communication stockpile. It means that they are relaxed, happy, and content, and they want to convey that information to you.

# 5: The “Eye Love You” Winking Move

An orange tabby cat has one eye open and the other closed.

It looks as if a cat is flirting with you when they start winking. The famous cat wink is usually referred to has a “cat kiss.” When you give you their slow cat-eye blink, take it as a compliment. Simply put, they feel comfortable around you. You can return the cat kiss back to them by copying their slow wink.

Remember that cats are individuals, somewhat temperamental, occasionally independent, and totally set in their ways. That’s what makes them so unique and why we love them.


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