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List of Striped Cat Names

Looks like you’ve got a mini tiger home. And now your house is going to be like the personal jungle gym for them. Striped cats have left a mark (literally) on human history. From the sacred tabby cats worshipped in ancient Egypt to the mysterious striped cats of folklore, you’ll find these cats almost everywhere. And if history wasn’t enough, they’ve captured fiction as well. Remember the Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland"? Or how about the daring and adventurous Tigger from "Winnie the Pooh," No? You would have definitely seen the legendary Garfield. What’s common in all of them? Stripes! 

Let’s get on with naming your little tigress!   

Brown Striped Cat Names

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  • Whiskeroni – Just a whisker away from becoming a macaroni

  • Tiger Toast – A toast to your new feline buddy

  • Furreal – Almost surreal 

  • ChocoStripe – Taking it literal 

  • TigerTini – For your tiger mini

  • Foxy – Your little fox

  • Cinnamon – It’ll keep ‘roll’ing

  • Tiramisu – Sweet and aesthetic

  • Walnut – For their nutty personality 

  • Twix – Your favorite candy

Interesting Facts about Brown Tabby Cats

A gray and black tabby cat is eating from a green bowl.

While you’re naming your brown tabby, here are some interesting facts that you may like to read now that you’re a parent of one. (3)

  • Tabbies come in 5 different coat patterns - classic, mackerel, patched, spotted, and ticked.

  • While it is difficult to link personalities to the coat color, most brown tabby cat owners feel that their cat is more affectionate than other coat types. 

  • The tabby pattern is actually not rare at all. There are more tabby cats in the world than any other ones. 

  • They are also known for expressing their feelings out loud. You’ll know if they are sad, angry, happy, or playful. 

Black and Grey Striped Cat Names

Black Persian Cat

We know you’re thinking of naming your cat Zebra or Oreo but have a look at some other great options for your black and grey striped kitty – 

  • Ashy – Short and simple

  • Tuxedo Twix – Class with a pinch of mischief 

  • Pepper Salt – Because Salt-n-pepper would be very long

  • Storm – X-Men fan? 

  • Panther – Not pink this time.

  • Sylvester – Looney Tunes fan?

  • Hades - Greek god of the underworld

  • Sesame – Good for your health.

  • Onyx – Like the stone but also if you’re a Pokemon fan!

Talking about grey, you know what else is grey? Life. Not a bad name for your cat, right? And even if you are a believer in a black-and-white life, mix them and what do you get? 

Interesting Facts about Grey Tabby Cats

A gray cat with green eyes lies on a light-colored surface.

Just like we gave for the brown ones, here are some interesting facts that you may like to read now that you’re a parent of one. Even if not, they are quite interesting to read. (1)

  • Most grey tabbies will have an ‘M’ mark on their foreheads.

  • They can have different eye colors including yellow, green, copper, hazel, and blue.

  • The name “tabby” comes from the French word “taffeta,” a type of striped silk.

  • The US’s first stuffed toy, called the Ithaca Kitty, was a grey tabby. 

  • There is a World Tabby Day – April 30th

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While you take the journey of naming your striped buddy, here’s something else we would like you to take care of – your feline’s health. Now that you’re a cat parent, it is important to know some facts relating to medical predispositions in cats. (2)

  • The most common health problems in spayed/neutered cats include hyperthyroidism, flea-bite hypersensitivity, obesity, periodontal disease, cardiac dysrhythmia, constipation and lameness.

  • Common health problems in intact cats include heart murmur, urinary tract infections (UTI), anemia, anorexia, complications and infections of the reproductive system, and overgrooming.

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