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Black and White Cat Names

Looks like you’ve got a wedding coming soon since you’ve got yourself a tuxedo! Okay, not the one you know about but the cat that you’re finding names for is called a ‘tuxedo’. When it comes to black and white cats, you're holding a creature that embodies the perfect balance of yin and yang. This may be the reason that humans, since ancient times, have been fascinated with these cats. How easily one can imagine a black and white cat as a familiar sorcerer or a companion to a royal!

Let’s talk a little more about ‘black and white’ – not just cats. From classic black and white films to timeless black and white photographs to nature’s black and white comedians - penguins, our history and geography both have given us beautiful pieces to admire. And if we were to go a little philosophical, black and white reminds us of the duality of life - light and dark, joy and sorrow. These cats remind us that life is not always about the shades of grey. 

So, whether your cat is a suave tuxedo type, a quirky checkerboard, or a mysterious inkblot, find a name that captures their unique charm. And remember, whatever you choose, your cat will probably ignore it anyway—because, after all, they’re cats. And on that note, let’s begin!

Black and White Kitten Names

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  • Cookie Cream

  • Pepper

  • Salt

  • Twilight

  • Dice

  • Bowtie

  • Inky

  • Smokey

  • Oreo

  • Penguin

  • Socks

  • Zebra

  • Pixel

  • Domino

  • Sirius (for the Potterheads)

Unique Black and White Cat Names with Meaning

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  • Luna – Even the moon has black spots

  • Tux – If yours is the one with a suave tuxedo

  • Charlie – Dedicated to the king of comedy of the black and white times – Charlie Chaplin

  • Kuroshiro - Japanese for "black and white,"

  • Anubis – Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife, often depicted with a black jackal head.

  • Harlequin – For her fans to symbolize humor and whimsy.

  • Inkwell – White paper and black ink, representing creativity. 

  • Inari - The Japanese kami (spirit) of foxes, fertility, rice, tea, and sake, often associated with white foxes that have black markings.

  • Valkyrie – Female warriors from Norse mythology, often depicted in black and white. 

  • Janus - The Roman god of duality, often depicted with two faces, one black and one white.

  • Circe – A Greek enchantress for your magical and mysterious cat.

  • Nox - The Roman goddess of night.

And then there’s one name that we really like – ‘Spot’

What Names Are Inspired by Black and White?

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That was a great list btw! But if you’re yet not convinced, here are some more names inspired by black and white – 

  • Ivory – The white tusks on the black elephants that symbolize purity and grace.

  • Artemis - The Greek goddess of the hunt, often associated with the moon, symbolizing duality and balance.

  • Piano – For harmony and rhythm.

  • Salt – If you have another cat that you can name ‘Pepper’.

  • Vesper - Latin for evening, a perfect balance of night and light. 

  • Shadow – Black in color but cast by a bright light. 

  • Dusk – For your partner till dawn

If you ask us ‘What would you name your black and white animal’, these would certainly be the only list we would look at since it’s got some really good options. You could search for more but then all you’ll end up with is 500 generic name options with no meaning. And that is not what your beautiful cat deserves. 

Yes, we know that we said your cat won’t care about the name. But it actually will. Cats are way more affectionate and caring than we think them to be. 

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  • The most common health problems in spayed/neutered cats include hyperthyroidism, flea-bite hypersensitivity, obesity, periodontal disease, cardiac dysrhythmia, constipation and lameness.

  • Common health problems in intact cats include heart murmur, urinary tract infections (UTI), anemia, anorexia, complications and infections of the reproductive system, and overgrooming. 

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20 Most Common Cat Health Problems According to Gender, Neutering Status and Age. (2023, August 16). Vetic | Pet Care Reimagined.

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