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What Dog Has the Strongest Bite?

From guarding ancient Roman estates to starring in viral videos of dogs catching frisbees mid-air, we’ve seen dogs give some of the most stunning performances. But every time we look at such reels or shorts, a lot of us might be thinking, what would happen if someday a dog’s teeth were to penetrate our legs with their beast-like jaw force, how bad would it be? And which is that one dog that we should never get angry? 

Now imagine what would ancient human talks around those campfires be like - "My dog can chase down a mammoth!" a reply to which would be like "Well, my dog can bite through a mastodon bone!" Ancient or modern, we humans have been fascinated by the strength of our canine buddies. And then the one question that keeps popping in our heads – Which dog breed has the strongest bite? Well, we’ve answered it for you.

Before we get to the answer, we would like you to know that measuring bite force in animals can be a challenging task as it involves various factors like jaw structure, muscle strength, and overall size. Most data available on this topic are mere estimations. But good enough to tell you which dog to never let bite you! And that name is - (1)


The dog breed with a bite force of 743 psi! This is twice that of a lion. And way more than their own ancestors – wolves. Kangal is a Turkish breed developed to protect livestock. While they may have the world’s most powerful dog bite, they do not have any ego about it. They are known to be very calm and composed. They don’t really like to flaunt their bites but if you search for Kangal bite videos, you’ll be shocked to see what they can do with their jaws! 

They aren’t really far from the second strongest dog bite force but as Dom Toretto says – “It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.” 

And at the second place we have - 

American Bandogge – 730 psi 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other dog breeds that possess a jaw that can crush skulls! Other breeds with incredible bite force include – 

What is the Most Feared Dog?

You may think that the answer is quite obvious here. But it may not be as simple. There is no doubt that if these canines bite you, it will cause severe harm to your body. But there’s a big ‘if’ here. Because the tendency of the dog to be aggressive and end up biting depends more on the nurturing than the breed. 

Having said that, some breeds tend to be more aggressive than others because of their genetics as well. These breeds end up topping the list of ‘most bites’. Consequently, they end up featuring on the list of ‘most feared dogs’. 

Around 4 million people suffer from dog bites every year. Here are some breeds that are responsible for them – (4)


American Pitbull Terriers Dog

The breed responsible for the highest number of dog bites in the US – Pitbulls are responsible for almost 2/3rd of them. While the term Pitbull is an umbrella term for many bulldogs and terriers, they account only for 6% of all dogs. They have a bite force of 235 psi. 



These dogs are giant powerhouses that can grow up to 120 pounds. They may be very friendly with the family but can be really aggressive towards strangers in some situations. They have a bite force of 328 psi.

German Shepherds 

Photo of a German Shepherd on a Grassy Hill

These dogs have a history of deadly attacks. They are one of the most employed dogs in the police and military forces around the globe. With a jaw power like that, they’ve got all the rights. They can be very aggressive and territorial. They have a bit force of around 290 psi.

Other feared dog breeds include – 

  • American Bulldog

  • Bullmastiff

  • Siberian Husky

What is the Strongest Dog on Earth?

Strongest can be a subjective term here as it can refer to physical strength, bite force, or overall power and endurance. We’ve already told you about the strongest canine bite forces in the world. Here are some more based on these factors – (5)

English Mastiff 

These giants can weigh more than 200 pounds and come with extraordinary physical strength and a muscular build. 

Saint Bernard 

Bred for rescue works in the Swiss Alps, these gentle giants can pull heavy loads through snow and rough terrain. 

Alaskan Malamute

Being bred for sledging and heavy labor in harsh conditions, these dogs naturally possess incredible strength and endurance. 

Of course, the Kangall and American Bandogge would feature on this list too. The reason they can exhibit such a strong bite force is because they are incredibly powerful. Other breeds like the Irish Wolfhound, Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Siberian Husky, Boxer, etc. among many more can also show display some great strength.

What Dog Has the Weakest Bite Force?

The answer here can be derived from simple logic. While it may not always be the case that big dogs come with greater power than small dogs, when it comes to bite force, the weakest bite force does belong to the smallest dog breed in the world – Chihuahua

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