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Most Popular Dog Breeds By Province


From bustling cities to rugged coastlines, Canada's diverse provinces are home to a wide array of beloved dog breeds. While pinpointing the absolute most popular breed in every province can be tricky, let's explore the canine companions that seem to capture the hearts of dog lovers across the country.

British Columbia: The Golden Retriever Reigns Supreme

With their friendly demeanor, love for outdoor adventures, and beautiful golden coats, it's no surprise Golden Retrievers consistently top the charts in British Columbia. These energetic and playful dogs thrive on exploring B.C.'s mountains, lakes, and beaches.

Alberta & Saskatchewan: Labrador Retrievers Claim the Prairies

Loyal, trainable, and always up for a game of fetch, Labrador Retrievers are the undisputed champions of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Whether working on a farm, romping through the vast prairie landscapes, or snuggling up as family companions, Labs embody the spirit of these provinces.

Manitoba: Labrador Retrievers Charm Their Way to the Top

With their friendly nature and adaptability, it seems Labrador Retrievers have also won over the province of Manitoba. These versatile dogs are just as happy swimming in Manitoba's many lakes as they are curling up by the fire during long winters.

Ontario: Labradors Continue Their Dominance

Labrador Retrievers remain a top favorite in the bustling province of Ontario. Their kind temperament and eagerness to please make them excellent family dogs, fitting into both urban and rural lifestyles across the province.

Quebec: The German Shepherd's Loyal Presence

Known for their intelligence, protectiveness, and work ethic, German Shepherds hold a special place in Quebec. These devoted dogs excel in various roles, from family companions to working dogs, making them a popular choice in the province.

Prince Edward Island: A Tie for Top Dog

On the charming island province of PEI, two breeds seem to share the spotlight. The affectionate and playful Shih Tzu is a favorite for its smaller size and adaptability, while the ever-popular Labrador Retriever continues to win hearts with its classic charm.

Nova Scotia: Labradors Charm the Maritimes

The energetic and hardworking Labrador Retriever claims the title of Nova Scotia's most popular dog. Their love for water and retrieving instincts make them a perfect match for the province's coastal lifestyle.

Newfoundland and Labrador: A Surprising Top Dog

Can you guess the most popular dog breed in this province? If you guessed a Newfoundland or a Labrador, nobody could blame you. After all, both iconic breeds have roots right here! Yet, it's actually the steadfast and intelligent German Shepherd that takes the top spot. Known for their strength, loyalty, and work ethic, these dogs are well-suited to the rugged beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador. Their protective instincts and adaptability make them valued companions in a province known for its sometimes harsh landscapes and warm hospitality.


Across Canada, a few favored breeds stand out, but each province boasts a unique mix of canine companions. It's clear that Canadians love their dogs, and whether it's a loyal Lab, a playful Golden, or a devoted German Shepherd, every dog brings something special to our lives.


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