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Labrador Retrievers, popularly known as Labs, are one of the most famous canine varieties around the world. They are said to have originated in the 1800s in Newfoundland, Canada. In the 1830’s they were imported into the United Kingdom and developed further. This breed was originally developed to be hunting dogs, but they are also one of the greatest companions. They are known for their friendly and intelligent nature and aren’t just great house pets but are also good service and therapy dogs.

Labs have a smooth water-resistant coat that does require some grooming as it sheds a lot. In terms of training, they are people pleasers which makes them easy to train. These dogs are also great with kids. If you have an active lifestyle, they can be your workout buddies. 

Naming your puppy is not an easy task and one may get overwhelmed by the number of options on the internet. This is where we jump in, we are here to make this task seem less like a job and more like a fun activity! Labradors have friendly and fun personalities and deserve names that suit their character and are unique to you. Factors like sex, appearance, heritage, history, etc play a huge role in choosing a name. We have compiled a list of names considering the above to give you a head start. 

Let’s dive in!

Female Lab Names

Here are some cute and fun names for your female labs that just fit right!

·   Ruby – Precious like the rock.

·   Willow – Like the slender tree.

·   Lola – Just a cute name.

·   Luna – Inspired by the moon.

·   Honey – Sweet like their personality.

·   Ember –For their fiery spirit.

·   Pipa – A sweet name, for their playful spirit.

·   Poppy – Like the beautiful flower.

·   Maple – Lovely name for their tan fur.

·   Brandy – Just like their warm disposition.

·   Phoebe – F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan?

·   Zoe – Meaning life

·   Champagne –For their wonderful fur tone.

·   Butterscotch – For the yellow labs.

·   Pumpkin – For the color.

Black Lab Names

Labrador Retriever

Black Labradors are more common and popular than you think. If you have one, here are a few names for them - 

·   Onyx – Pokemon fan?

·   Ash – Short name for a black lab or again, a Pokemon fan?

·   Sable – A beautiful name for describing the color black.

·   Abbey – Black card in magic.

·   Asphalt –Like the black liquid used in roads.

·   Midnight – Just the perfect time, isn’t it?

·   Slate – Unique one, right?

·   Smoky – For a silver labrador.

·   Jade – Because your lab is both, tough and a gem

·   Olive – inspired by black olives.

·   Charcoal – Your lab will be a fuel to your life. 

·   Eerie – Like the ‘eerie night’

Chocolate Lab Names

Chocolate-coloured labradors also have hazel eyes and a brown nose that matches their coat. Here are a few names if you’ve got one-

·   Mocha – Like coffee.

·   Hazel – For those magical eyes. 

·   Sienna – ​​An earthy, reddish-brown shade.

·   Hershey – As sweet as the chocolate.

·   Rusty – Cause why not?

·   Snickers – A fun one.

·   Bear – Won’t it be your cuddling teddy?

·   Lava –Inspired by the reddish-brown tones of it.

·   Ginger – Or you can go for ‘Gingerbread’.

·   Whisky – For someone who fancies a drink.

·   Coffee – Your dog can wake you up and get you pumped as well. 

Yellow Lab Names

Labrador Retriever

Yellow labradors are the most common, and when one thinks of a Labrador their golden coat comes to mind. Here are some fun names for them - 

·   Buttercup 

·   Lemon drop

·   Opal 

·   Pearl

·   Ray 

·   Sunny 

·   Dandelion

·   Tawny

·   Sandy

·   Bee 

·   Lemonade 

Couldn’t pick one? Here are some classics ones for your male and female labs-

Labrador Puppy Names for Males

·   Oreo

·   Bowie

·   Buddy

·   Chance

·   Jet

·   Pepper

·   Max

·   Jack

·   Gunner

·   Marley

·   Bowie

·   Buddy

·   Chance

·   Jet

·   Pepper

·   Max

·   Jack

·   Gunner

·   Marley

·   Bravo

Labrador Puppy Names for Females

·   Lacey

·   Sadie

·   Madie

·   Molly

·   Munchkin

·   Reba

·   Kara

·   Stella

·   Callie

·   Penny

·   Blu

·   Mochi

·   Brie

·   Khloe

·   Alfie

·   Holly

·   Birdie

·   Lulu

·   Bodhi

·   Inky

The basic rule is that the anime should be catchy, short, and one that you do not get bored of anytime soon. It may take you a while to find out more about your puppy, their interests as well as their personality but the above names will guide you into making that decision. With all these options in place, you ought to have an ideal name for your little guy in a matter of moments!

More About Labrador Retrievers

Either you’ve already made your decision to get one of these small dogs to your home or are yet to make it. Either way, it is important for you to know the potential health risks for Labradors. Here are some common ones – (1)

  • Hip Dysplasia – It is a condition resulting from abnormal formation of the hip socket which causes the hip to deteriorate. It can lead to arthritis in the future. 

  • Hypothyroidism – It is an endocrine disorder that’s the result of the lowered production and release of T4 and T3 hormones from the thyroid gland. Labs are prone to this condition. It can cause weight gain, hair loss, lethargy, and an intolerance to the cold.

  • Obesity – There is a high chance that your lab will be a complete foodie. It can lead to obesity and increase their risk of heart and liver disease, joint problems, skeletal issues, and metabolic and respiratory diseases. 

Apart from these, Labrador Retrievers are also prone to ear infections, progressive retinal atrophy, and laryngeal paralysis. 

The treatment costs for the above-mentioned health conditions can put a dent in your savings given the cost of vet visits, diagnostics, medications, alternate therapies, etc. But you can save 90% of them with pet insurance. 

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