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Dachshund Names

Dachshund Names

Dachshund is one of the most unique dog breeds in terms of looks. You may be able to recognize one without much difficulty. The long-body and short-legs combination is the reason they’ve got the names ‘Sausage’ and ‘Weiner’ dogs. But there is more to them apart from their looks. Here’s a small introduction to the breed before getting to the naming ceremony. 

The word ‘Dachshund’ comes from German origins and means ‘badger’. They come in short-hair, long-hair and wired-hair versions. Red is the most common color in these dogs. (they wouldn’t look like sausages otherwise, right?). Apart from the red, you may also see these wieners in tan, black and tan, chocolate and tan or blue and tan. Temperament wise these dogs can be quite stubborn at times and may refuse commands. They tend to chase small animals as they were originally meant for hunting. They can even be aggressive to strangers and other dogs. However, they do have good intelligence levels and can be trained. They come with a loud bark though. 

Now that you’ve got the basics of Dachshund, we can move on to the task that you’re here for.

What are Some Good Sausage Dog Names? 

The most obvious name for a Dachshund is ‘Sausage’ or ‘Weenie’. But if you do not want to go ahead with that, here are some interesting names for your Dachshund – 

  • Maggie – as the most popular coat variant is the wire-haired one

  • Coco – for the color

  • Oreo – maybe for the black and tan coat version

  • Biscuit – for the chocolate and tan ones

  • Taco – and then maybe you could get a taco-printed blanket to cover it up

  • Cinnamon – again for the color

  • Sugar – they may not look very sweet when they bark but maybe when they don’t 

  • Muffin or Brownie – again for the chocolate and tan colored ones

  • Teddy – they may not mind cuddling with you like a bear

  • Bacon – if you find the word ‘sausage’ long

Here are some more if you don’t like the ones above. We don’t have a particular explanation for them, but they sound cute. 

  • Ginger

  • Fifi

  • Dot

  • Oscar

  • Pupperoni

  • Dobby

  • Bubbles

  • Button

  • Buttercup

Best Female Dachshund Names

If you’re looking for some gender-specific names, here are some for female Dachshunds – 

  • Wilma

  • Giselle

  • Minnie or Mini

  • Lily

  • Roxy

  • Birdie

  • Penny

  • Lucy

  • Kiki

  • Doja 

Best Male Dachshund Names

For the male ones, you could go with – 

  • Summer

  • Ken

  • Dylan

  • Bob

  • Otto

  • Jojo

  • Hugo

Funny Dachshund Names

If you want to go down the funny lane, here are some great names.

  • Stretch 

  • Shortstack

  • Slim-jim

  • Footie

  • Banger

  • Wiggle

  • Sir Barksalot

  • Dachzilla or you could go with ‘Godzilla’ itself after you hear them bark

  • Stubby 

  • Hamburg

We don’t think you’ll need an explanation for these names. Even your friends won’t. They may bark loudly at strangers but when you call out their name, it’ll surely make their mood lighter. 

Or you could go the German route.

  • Luna

  • Bodo

  • Anton

  • Kirsch

  • Nett

  • Benz

  • Jäger

  • Schatz

  • Süss  (pronounced Zeus)

We hope out of all these great options for naming your Dachshund, you can settle your mind on one. If not, ChatGPT may help but then you would be flooded with all the generic names there. However, even before deciding on the name, we recommend knowing more about the breed, especially the predisposed health conditions and then choosing pet insurance wisely. 

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