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How to Groom Your Yorkie? Go-To-Guide

Yorkshire terriers are known for being loyal and lovable companions. They’re also known for having beautiful long silky locks. Some Yorkies have even longer hair than their owners! So if you’re a Yorkie owner – or soon to be – you may be wondering how to maintain and manage your dog’s luscious coat.

Although long and bountiful, Yorkie’s coats shed minimally – making the breed almost entirely hypoallergenic. But, even without shedding, much must be done when caring for their silky fur. Let’s talk about some tips for grooming and the best ways to implement a routine that will keep your Yorkie’s fur looking and feeling exceptional!

Keeping their coat short vs. long

Show Coat

If you watch dog shows or have had to do a double take on the street from a Yorkie with hair longer than yours, you might know that some owners choose to let their Yorkie’s coats grow long. All the way down to their paws even! Straight, silky, and lengthy, Yorkie’s hair can be quite a show stopper. If you choose that a show coat is for you – and your pup – then there are some special grooming steps you might have to take to keep it in tip-top shape and free of mats.

Pet Trim

Perhaps more common amongst Yorkies who don’t strut their stuff on TV, the pet trim is a short cut that keeps the coat tame and clipped. Some people will do a full shaved pet trim, leaving more scruff on the face and ears, whilst others will leave the hair at a mid-length. This grooming style is considerably easier to maintain as the possibility of knots is kept at bay – and the required amount of brushing and cleaning is much lesser.

A pet trim will only need regular baths (bi-weekly) and brushing, while a show coat will need a weekly bath, brushing, and blow-dry to keep it at bay. For Yorkie owners with less time on their hands – and less patience – the pet trim might be for you.

Grooming Tips for Show Coats

If your Yorkie has a long coat – or you just want some advice on how to bath and take extra care for a pet trim – there are some tips and steps for brushing, bathing, and blow-drying.

Brushing – If your Yorkie’s coat has mats or knots, you don’t want to bathe them before getting them out. Once they are soaking, it will be much more difficult – and uncomfortable for your pup – to work through them. You will thank yourself later – and your dog will, too – if you get the hair mostly knot-free before you do any bathing.

Always wet their hair slightly before working through any knots – brushing through a dry mat will cause breakage and be painful. You can also use conditioning sprays made for dogs to make the tangles easier to tackle.

Start working through the tangles with your hands and then move on to a brush. Take a specifically made dog brush and carefully work through the partially resolved tangles. Some tools to consider investing in are a pin brush, metal toothed comb, and a slicker brush. If you notice a mat, start at the bottom and slowly work up to the root.

Brushing out the hair will give the coat a more thorough cleaning as the separated hairs will be better coated in shampoo and conditioner – making your bath times more effective! Aside from bath times, it is recommended to brush through a Yorkie’s coat a few times every week. For Yorkies with a show coat, brush through it once a day. Get a sense of the financial implications of owning a Yorkshire Terrier here!

Bathing – As with any breed, regular bathes are imperative to a healthy and soft coat. Skin and hair health is supported and sustained by regular cleanings with natural and safe dog shampoo products. Shampoo made for human hair can irritate your dog’s skin and dry out their hair.

Make sure you work the shampoo and conditioner through their hair gently and without rubbing. Trying to massage the products throughout the coat in circular motions can make the knots worse and harder to detangle. Keep all products out of their eyes and face and take careful consideration when washing the hair on their head.

Sud up their entire body, starting at the back of the head and working your way down their back, to the undercarriage, and around the legs. Once covered in soap, use a water sprayer from your sink or shower to work the product off their body. Starting at the back of their head and moving towards the rear, and working your way down their feet. Repeat with conditioner.

Rub excess water off and wrap your dog in a towel. You can even use this time for a soggy – but adorable – cuddle while they get dried off. Use the towel to absorb as much water as possible, and then you can move on to drying.

Drying – Once they are toweled off, use a blow dryer on a low heat setting while simultaneously brushing through the hair. Brush the hair before using a dryer, and once you feel it is all neatly sorted – start to work through the drying process. Working your way around their body with a brush will make trimming the hair easy as it is all laying flat and dry.

Trimming a show coat– If your Yorkie has a show coat, going to the groomer every week is not only costly but inconvenient. That is why you can take it upon yourself to do a small weekly trim to maintain their locks. Once dried, follow these steps for an easy trim.

  • Paws – If your dog has some hair sticking out from underneath their paws, carefully take scissors and trim them down so that it is all flush with the padding on their feet.

  • Backside – Around their rectum should be clear of excess hair as feces can get caught there – causing knots and a possibly unhygienic private area. Trim this area short.

  • Ears & Beard – The top 1/3rd of the ears should be trimmed down as too much hair on their ears can weigh them down. Keeping this hair short and neat will make it more comfortable for your dog. You can also trim the beard to keep it looking neat.

  • Around the feet – Pull up the long hair from the body to reveal the feet and legs. Pick up the longer leg hair, trim the feet, and then let the remaining leg hair down. Trim the leg hair all the way around the feet to just above the floor length – the same length as the feet hair.

  • The coat on the torso – This part might seem daunting but don’t worry. Part the hair down the middle and brush it down. Work in quadrants. Start with the front right or left, part the hair from the mid-body to the back, and trim the hair to be at level with the leg hair. Let down the top half of the hair you just lifted away and cut it to match. Repeat on both sides. The hair should be just above floor length.

  • The coat on the rear – Trim this coat in the same way by parting the hair on one side into two sections – top and bottom. You can trim this back section to be slightly longer, so it drapes around the back, and then let down the top half and trim it to match.

In Closing

Having a long luscious coat is not easy, but it is beautiful! Make your life easier by devoting weekly time to bathes and trims, and brush your Yorkie’s coat every day if they have a show coat.


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