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Dog Breeds with the Loudest Bark

This topic feels like casting for the music video of ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ and finding the loudest ones for ‘Bhow! Bhow! Bhow!’ 

Dogs have not just been our herders, protectors and companions but also alarm clocks – the ones that are always 100% charged. These mighty barks have been there for us from protecting us from danger to announcing the arrival of our Amazon deliveries. But just like all dogs are not the same, nor are their barks. (We all have a voice but not all of us can sign like Harry Styles, can we?)

But this canine competition is for the loudest bark and not the most tuned. And it can be a tough one. The participants would include – (in no particular order) (1)



Didn’t expect the smallest dog breed out there to be on this list, did you? They are like a big bomb in a small package. They compensate for their small size with an insanely loud bark. They are also among the most aggressive ones out there.


A beagle lies on the grass with a leash looking directly at the camera.

The name itself comes from the French word ‘begueule’, which means ‘open throat’. We don’t think this will need further explanation. 

Golden Retriever

A happy Golden Retriever with its mouth open and tongue out is in front of a blurred outdoor background.

You can’t miss this name when the Guinness World Record for the loudest bark is held by Charlie, a Golden Retriever. It was 113.1 decibels – 10 decibels louder than a jackhammer! 



Small dogs bark because they try to compensate for their size. Big dogs bark because, well, they are big, and they can. Rottweilers, being one of the best guard dogs out there, have to have a good, loud bark. 

Other breeds that would definitely get to sing the chorus of our music video are – 

Which Breed Has the Scariest Bark?

This would totally depend on which dog you find the scariest. Most of the people we’ve seen think the scariest barks are from the street dogs. But there was one name that we purposely left out from the above list - 

German Shepherd

Photo of a German Shepherd Sitting on Grass

The second-loudest bark ever recorded is in the name of a German Shepherd. And the reason we left this name out is because they are better suited for the title of The Scariest Bark’. They are one of the most employed breeds among the police and military forces of the world. With that bark, muscular build and bold face, any criminal would plead guilty. Plus, their bite is stronger than that of a Pitbull. They’ve got all the reasons to be the holder of the scariest bark. (1)

What is the Barkiest Dog Breed?

Some breeds may not have the loudest of barks, but they can be excellent marathoners in a barking competition. Because they can go on and on and on. These are the ones that can become the worst nightmare of your neighbors. And now imagine a breed that can go on and on with a volume that can make even the best of speakers feel incompetent. That’s Beagle for you. 

While determining the barkiest dog can be subjective as dog behaviors are often influenced by the environment and training. However, genetics and breed do contribute to the tendency to bark. Beagles are generally considered very vocal. Because barks can mean a lot of things, your Beagle may be alerting you of an intruder or asking for food. Either way, they will tell you everything about what they feel and want throughout the day. 

With proper training and socialization, excessive barking can be controlled though. 

What Dog is the Most Vocal?

Beagle would probably again be at the top of this list but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other highly vocal dogs. These include – (2)

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky

From barking to whining to howling to screeching, a Husky would use all of these to express everything it feels. They will not shy away from expressing their excitement and will not keep it in if they are feeling stressed or anxious. 

German Shepherds

German Shepherd Health Problems

We’ve got another breed that offers a combination of a loud and constant bark. This probably is because of their herding, guarding and drug detection instincts that they feel the need to communicate everything. 

Basset Hound

Basset Hound

These are one of the unique ones out there. Short in height but are usually considered medium-large dogs as their weight is typically in the range of 40-50 pounds. They love being surrounded by their human families. And they won’t be a fly on the wall at your family gatherings – probably the most talkative one there.

Other breeds that can be very vocal include – 

What Dog Breed Cries the Most?

There’s no specific reason as such for which dogs usually cry (do note that by crying we mean whining here). It could be to tell you that they are in pain, discomfort, injured or simply bored. The breeds that generally whine the most include – (4)

Miniature Schnauzer 


These small and spunky dogs from Germany can also be in the list of most vocal dogs out there. But let’s put them here on the whining list. Once you spend a couple of hours with them, you’ll know why.

Great Pyrenees 

Great Pyrenees

These dogs are popularly known as ‘gentle giants’ of the canine world. However, being gentle doesn’t mean they are quieter. They are known to whine at night. This is probably because of their ancestral instincts when they used to patrol farms and protect livestock, day and night. 

Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers

These dogs are known for their strong bond and attachment with their owners. Because of this, they are prone to separation anxiety. And this can trigger even when you leave for office. This usually results in excessive whining or crying in these dogs.
Other dogs that can have their name added to this list include – 

  • Italian Greyhound

  • Chihuahua

  • Siberian Husky

  • Maltese, etc.

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